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Anyone else have GD?

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Ugh, just found out last week that I failed two out of the four tests for the glucose tolerance test. Went to diabetic counseling yesterday and have started monitoring my sugar levels 4x a day. Not a happy camper. The diet itself is fine, it is the pricking of the finger and the anxiety of the readings that is going to drive me crazy--if I do not have normal readings with diet alone (that is, without medication), I maynot be classified as low risk and therefore not eligible to deliver with my midwife practice. I was hoping for a homebirth. This is especially frustrating because other than being over the age of 25 (ok--way over--I am 41), I do not fit the typical profile of a GD! I am slim, I exercise (I am a runner when not pregnant), I eat relatively healthy, and my two sons were both born in the low 7 lbs ranges.

Anyone else also feeling frustrated?
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I am not being classified as GD but at my 1-hour glucose my levels were high (152) so I was sent home with a monitor to watch how different foods affect me. So far I seem to have pretty good control of it, but I'd love a bit of a support group.

I'd love to hear more about the actual diet you were asked to follow. I wasn't given a whole lot of direction other than high protein & low carb. I have found that the 2 biggest things that help me are making sure that breakfast in particular is very high in protein & that all meals have plenty of good fats.
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Ugh. I'm sorry your having to deal with the stress of that, Jane. I 'failed' my one hour test with my first, and flat out REFUSED the 3 hours test (I feel really sick when I get my blood drawn). So they sent me home with the glucometer. I also found it really stressful to test all the time. I obsessed over the numbers! And that was for a planned hospital birth - so no risking out of a HB hanging in the balance.

Keep us posted on how everything is going.
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I'm here too Just found out yesterday, and now I'm classified "high risk" and all my care is under the diabetes team, so I'm onto my 3rd midwife!! TBH the thing I'm most upset about is that they are saying definite induction, plus I won't know the midwife on duty when I give birth.

The finger pricking is a pain, but I have a friend who is type 1 who swapped my "finger-pricker" for a better one, this one I can dial how deep the needle goes in, so it hurts and bleeds SO much less!
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Im so sorry, Mama's.

Mama Esq is there any way you could get a monitor that you can test on your arm? I have seen them and they seem like they would be less painful.

My DH is a diabetic. Controlled by diet. No meds etc. My doctor told me that she was going to send me for the glucose tests and I asked her if I could skip it. She had no problem letting me not do it. Then at my appointment yesterday she asked me if I had done it yet so I reminded her that she was letting me take a pass on it. She was like "oh yeah, thats right too. No point in worrying about GD when we have your blood pressure to worry about anyways." I explained to her that my diet wouldn't change anyways, b/c of DH being diabetic. Plus, DD was only 6lbs 9oz at just about 40 weeks. Again, she was totally fine with me declining it. Thank goodness for that.

Again though, I am so sorry for those of you having to deal with it. I wish you the best of luck and success with controlling it. I am sure you will all do just fine!
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This is my fourth diabetic pregnancy. What I have learned is that you really can't tell who may or may not have gestational diabetes just by looking at them.

A few tips... yes, you can get a different lancet device. BD makes one that uses ultra thin (high gauge) lancets which will make it much less painful. Also, be sure to rotate fingers...and prick on the edges.

Once things get more under control, you may be able to test less frequently...although it will depend on your MFM/endocrinologist. Pretty much, they always want fasting... but you might be able to do after breakfast and dinner one day... after lunch and bedtime snack the next or something.

If you can't control your GD with diet alone, and you find yourself voluntarily cutting carbs much more than the nutritionist suggested, you need to look into insulin. Even if it "ruins" your chances for a homebirth. THe goal is a healthy baby/Mom.

For inductions, definitely try and push back to 39 weeks. It seems some MFMs do 39 weeks as a matter of course, while others try and induce at 37 or 38 weeks. Any amount you can push them back helps. If the weight iis good (usually fasting numbers influence this the most), and your NSTs and BPPs look fine.. then you might even get to go to 40 weeks. If you are being induced, be sure you know your Bishop's score prior to induction.

Exercise is one of the best ways to lower your post-prandial and fasting numbers. It doesn't take much... a 15-20 minute walk is all.
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I have not been "diagnosed" with GD yet this pregnancy, but I honestly believe that's only because I refused the 3 Hour GTT.

They (my endo and OB) had me start testing my glucose levels 4 times a day back in February. With the understanding that the minute they were up too high I would go on insulin... I am insulin resistant normally and had insulin dependent GD with DS.

I refused the GTT because if I failed it would be automatic insulin no choice on trying diet modification first and automatically she would induce me on my due date. (now of course I DO have a say but it was made clear that I really didn't if you know what I mean).

So my glucose levels have been good so far, though when I am not careful with what I am eating they are high... like yesterday it was too high, but I have been trying to be really careful. But I will admit not as careful as I should be.

Pricking my fingers is a bit of a challenge because as weird as it sounds, I have one finger that is A LOT lower than the others, and that's my best finger to test since it hurts the least, but the other day it said my fasting was 46 and then I took it on the same finger other hand and it was 93, SO WEIRD!
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Has anyone tried going for a walk right before taking their fasting numbers (you know, when you are still blurry eyed and would love a cup of coffee instead)? My fasting numbers are still normal, but I am slightly worried (got an 89 this morning and am suppose to stay under 90). Also, I find it very difficult to sleep (have periods of insomnia), which I am guessing can impact the fasting numbers.

The finger pricking is becoming a bit more routine. Not enjoying it, but not dreading it either. I do miss sugar, however!!
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I don't walk in the morning no way no how lol especially since DS is NOT a morning person! however, I have found a late afternoon walk helps my fasting numbers, I was having a bout when they were a little too high (I have to keep them under 95 and they were in the high 90s low 100s) so I would walk and they would come down. Also a late evening snack of a carb and a protein really helped as well- I did almonds with ice cream usually lol since my diabetes educator last time told me that was fine.

I will admit to slacking lately, eating pretty normally, but I figure as long as my sugars are ok, then I can eat normally, it's when I see them creeping up that I become more strict.
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So you think an evening walk would work just as well? That would be easier. I will try tonight and see if it makes a difference. I usually walk/workout at lunch, but perhaps a second short walk after the kids are in bed would do the trick.
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It worked for me, I was even doing the walks at 4 or 5 in the afternoon and it was working for me, but if you did it after dinner that would probably even be the best.
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The best time to walk for fasting numbers for me was after dinner. 15 minutes was enough--but 30 minutes was better. Honestly, if you do it when you wake up, then test after, then I think you're getting a false result--because you've probably had higher than optimal blood sugar all night. There's something called the dawn effect/phenomenon where your blood sugar automatically goes up sometime in the early morning... say after 2 a.m... due to hormones and stuff. That's why fasting numbers can be so hard for many to control--even if they can do the rest with diet/exercise.
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I am having a hard time finding a breakfast that keeps me in the right levels. If I eat eggs I end up being low (91) Today I had oatmeal with lots of nuts, nut butter & some blueberries and I was high (154)

I can't seem to find a middle ground when it comes to breakfast. If I can get breakfast under control then the rest of my day goes fine. But if I am high after breakfast I stay high all day.

What are some of your favorite breakfasts that keep you where you need to be?
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Count me in:(

Just failed 3 out of four glucose tests. going in tomorrow to get the run down. This is just weird for me because I do not eat a lot of starches due to gluten intolerance, but it explains a lot of the symptoms I have been having this pregnancy. I tossed it up to the heat and stresses of moving. Have to research a lot because I was planning on another freebirth.
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Sorry seattlemamma, that sucks.

I'm not on metformin since diet isn't helping, although my fasting numbers have all been fine.
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Just diagnosed yesterday I was afraid of this happening. I have never had it before but, something told me this time was different. I get to go to a class Tuesday to teach me everything and then I have an appt with my mw Thursday. So many questions...
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Originally Posted by sunshinejanie View Post
Just diagnosed yesterday I was afraid of this happening. I have never had it before but, something told me this time was different. I get to go to a class Tuesday to teach me everything and then I have an appt with my mw Thursday. So many questions...
Hang in there!! I had a good couple of cries and was miserable when I found out, but it does get better
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I failed one of the four draws. Still means treatment as if full blown GD.
my morning levels are out of whack, but I'm okay the rest of the day for the most part. I find out on the 23rd if they're going to make me take a dose of insulin before dinner to control my AM levels. It's certainly not easy, is it. Hard to get support from DH too who still enjoys eating ice cream in front of me!!
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Originally Posted by meganlisbeth View Post
It's certainly not easy, is it. Hard to get support from DH too who still enjoys eating ice cream in front of me!!
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Oh hell no!! That is just cruel! I would be seriously upset at that level of lack of support
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Originally Posted by *Jade* View Post
Oh hell no!! That is just cruel! I would be seriously upset at that level of lack of support
Yeah, serious practical jokes come to mind like sprinkling the ice cream with salt or a little Tabasco in the chocolate syrup.
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