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hi all,
just checking in to see how everyone is doing.

good news -- DH has stopped with the ice cream and is actually kind of joining me on the meal plan. it has been nice.

bad news -- i still can't manage my morning fasting levels. all of my other levels are excellent (low, even) but my early morning ones are high. as a result, i now have to inject a bit of insulin before dinner every night. sigh. the control freak in me is quite bummed out by this. the various people i have to meet with at the diabetes clinic (dr, nurse, nutritionist...) repeatedly tell me that i *can't* control it with diet or activity and that i have to let this one go, but i'm having a hard time with it.

i'm also loosing weight as a result of the meal plan and am being told i'm not eating enough. argh. give me a meal plan, i follow it, then tell me i'm not eating enough.

hope you all are doing okay through this.