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Wasp traps?

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We have wasps. Everywhere. They have nests on the highest peak of my neighbor's roof--3 nests, actually. We can't reach them with the 27'' yucky-kill-anything-including-the-cat-spray.

I think we've gotten all of the nests off of our house, but the ones on the neighbors' continue to bother us. The houses are pretty close together and of course the only cool time of day that my 15 mo. old is actuall awake is early evening, when the wasps seem most active.

Has anyone made/used a wasp trap? Do they work, or do they just attract MORE wasps to the area (like the beetle bags people hung when I was a kid)?

I'm getting desperate because I really want DD to be able to enjoy her backyard in the evenings this summer. Thoughts?

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We set out one of those yellow jacket traps a couple years back, it had a chemical lure in it and the bees would flock to it, get inside, get trapped and die. We set it up away from the house but over on the steep hill where noone walked or played. I don't really know how much it really helped because we continued to see lots of yellow jackets around.

Is there anyway whatsoever to get with the neighbor and figure out a way to reach the nests to knock them down? A really tall ladder? is there a window in their house that if you were inside the house you could lean out and get to them either with a pole or the spray? What about getting on their roof and getting them from above? Talk with your neighbor and try to work together.
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