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UC success!!! 7lb 2oz - baby girl = )

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We succeeded! 7lb 2oz baby girl!!!

This was my 2nd VBAC but my 1st UC. My first VBAC was in the hospital. I have been studying everything VBAC and childbirth related for nearly 3 years now. Home birth is something I have always wanted but has always fallen through on me. UC felt like the right decision when my midwife decided to no longer assist in my HVBAC.
Contractions started at 6pm. Just light cramps but they were coming every 5 minutes. My hubby and I loaded our two girls in the stroller and started walking = ) After about an hour of slight contractions while walking in the neighborhood they started getting stronger. We headed home, called my mom and dad and asked that they come get our other 2 girls. I jumped in the shower while the hubs watched the girls and got the pool ready.

By the time my parents got to the house (they live 2 hrs away) the contractions were defiantly picking up in strength but I could rock my hips and walk around the house to get through them. A half hour later at about 9:30 PM, when the girls and mom and dad were leaving, I didnt want to talk or be talked to during a contraction= ) Hubs got the pool filled and I continued walking circles through the house.

We turned up the water heater earlier in the week so we could fill the tub HOT!!! I wanted the pool ready but didn't want to get in too early. Around midnight I was getting contractions nearly ever 2-3 minutes and needed the hubs to rub my lower back with super force. It hurt but I was doing well. Around 1AM I got in the pool which felt great but SLOWED things waaaay down. After about 30 minutes of things being SLOOOOW I got nervous that things would drag on forever and got out.

My contractions got even harder by 2AM and I had a lot of bloody show and mucus. My waters were still intact and by 2:30 I felt very undecided about where I needed labor. I did a round robin of sitting on the toilet, occasionally stood while hubs applied counter pressure and squatted for about another half hour or more IDK. Then the urge to push flooded me and I knew it was time to head to the pool if I wanted the baby born in the water. Once I got in the pool I got nervous that I may not be dilated all the way and decided I shouldn't push. We felt down below to see if we could feel the baby but could only feel a bulge. Looking back we realize the bulge was the bag of waters. The buldge felt really weird!!!! The contractions HURT and I said more than once to the hubs I couldn't do it. He reminded me we were almost there and that I could do it. I gave a huge push and POP my waters broke!!!! It wase a huge force under the water! I asked if it was the baby = ) ....."nope", said the hubs.

3 more pushes.

1 for the head, 1 for good measure and one for the shoulders and baby was out = ) 3:20 AM

Her hands, feet and face were pretty blue and she was quite limp but after about a minute of some rubbing and talking too and baby got nice and pink!!! She was SOOOOOOO calm and peaceful!!!!! After about another minute of rubbing baby started crying but not for long because she was just so chilled out laying on my chest. Her breathing was nice and clear and her muscle tone was great. We got her to cry a little more and then thought why are we bugging her so much all is fine. So from that point on we just all chilled in the pool covered in a towel. I must mention I pooed in the pool so our chill time was probably pretty short (10 min ???). I didn't want baby in poopy waters. The hubs helped me out and we went to the bed, cord uncut. We waited a good 20 minutes in the bed before cutting the cord. I was going to leave it until the placenta came out but the cord was kinda short and made it somewhat hard to breastfeed.

I wouldn't trade this experience for all the money in the world! My hubs was awesome and we both loved catching our little girl. It took nearly 2 hours for the placenta to come out. I took some arnica pills and drank my red raspberry tea and after an hour and a half of sitting in bed breastfeeding I placed my sitz bath on the toilet and breastfed 'till it plopped out = )
I bled very little (about a liter) and that really only came when the placenta came out.

I have no tears, no skid marks and only slight hemorrhoid action = )

YAY!!!!!!!!! Natural birth isn't easy but its soooo worth it!
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Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Sounds like everything went smoothly and you are happy!!
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congratulations! thank you for sharing your wonderful story!
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Congratulations. I am so happy that you got a rewarding, peaceful birth. Not to mention a healthy baby.
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Congratulations to you and yours!

Happy babymooning!

What a beautiful birth story, thank you for sharing it with all of us, such a blessing!
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wooohooo Awesome story momma!~ Rest up and Enjoy that sweet little baby girl of yours!
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What a beautiful birth story. You are a warrior! TH\hanks for sharing and giving inspiration to us all! Enjoy that sweet little baby.
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Congratulations mama! What an amazing birth story! Thanks for sharing!!
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