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FB's - leaking problems

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Hi all,
I have a newborn (2 weeks old) and we've started using our Fuzzy Bunz one size diapers. They seem to fit quite well but I find we are getting pee leaks at the legs. I have the elastics as tight as they are recommended to be and I feel they are well and tight. I wouldn't want to tighten them any more. I think the leaks are happening right above the elastic and below the snaps.
any ideas on how to solve this? The bulk of our diapers are FB's and I really want to enjoy them, not be frustrated with them.
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Are they brand new? Could they have build up that could be causing repelling? Is the soaker wet or just damp when you change it? These will help me answer your question.
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We use exclusively FuzziBunz OS and had the same problem for the first few weeks - lots of damp onesies at the legs. For us, it seemed to be that he just needed to grow and chunk up his thighs a bit. I also realized that he tended to wet fairly heavily while on his side (nursing) so we had to move up to the larger stuffers much quicker than I thought. Once we made that change, things improved greatly.

Now we seldom get leaks unless he's been laying on his side too long between changes (3+ hours or 2 nursing sessions).

I've seen several sites/people report that OS dipes tend to be leakier on babes less than 10 pounds (in case you 2 week old was smaller than mine).
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the diapers are brand new. the soakers seem to be absorbing the pee. It seems as tough the material puckers between the snaps and elastic and that's where the leaking is happening. It may simply be an issue of ds needing to grow into them, as kanga1622 suggests. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to deal with this puckering, but I haven't found a solution yet. hmmm...larger stuffers...I only have the stuffers that came with the diapers. using the small sized ones right now. I don't think the large ones are any thicker.
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I would give it some time to see if it's just a fit issue. DD didn't fit in her BG OS until closer to 2mo, and she was a skinny baby all the time, never was chunky. In fact, that's one reason I'm looking into the FB OS this time around, b/c being able to tighten up and replace the elastic sounds very useful!
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I have only used the sized fb but fit is really important. Also, I actually prefer a little cotton prefold to the microfibre stuffer provided. it absorbs a bit faster. Make sure the fleece is all inside the pul and that no singlets or onesies are peeking into the diaper. Otherwise, as the pp said, maybe just time and a little growth will take care of it?
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