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Late Night Snack Ideas?

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I usually stay up for a few hours after the kiddos are in bed and usually get hungry around then. I don't want a meal, but need some suggestions.
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Oh and please don't say ice cream, as I will seriously eat the whole container in one sitting.
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Apple with nut butter or popcorn with coconut oil and nutritional yeast are my go-to's
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This sounds kind of gross, but I've been snacking on raw almond butter straight out of the fridge. It's creamy, so it feels like I'm eating a treat. And it takes so long to eat a spoonful that I can't eat the whole container, like I can and do (eek!) with ice cream.
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At my best, I choose something like yogurt and fruit or graham crackers and milk.

nut butter 'lollipops' are good though, especially almond butter.

You can freeze banana halves on a popsicle stick - nice and creamy, and almost ice cream-like Frozen fruit in general works - favorites of mine would be pineapple and mango.
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Well, on my bad nights it`s chocolate.
But I bet that`s not what you were looking for.

Right now my goto`s are cherries and watermelon. Sooooo good!! Cherries are wicked expencive here in Norway this early in the "summer" (we have had NO sign of summer yet... ), but I can`t resist them. I buy a small amount (5-10 cherries) almost every day.
I also love to cut carrots, green apples and maybe some sellery in sticks and eat them with some kind of dip.
Tortillas with ketchup and cheese, heated in a skillet until cheese melts. (Tortilla, ketchup, cheese and then a tortilla on top.)
A smoothie. Last night I made myself a huge smoothie of a little tropical juice, a banana, big handful of spinach, frozen blueberries and a big chunk of watermelon. It was DELISH!
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I can't remember if you can do nuts or not, but I love celery with cashew butter. Somehow, it really satisfies my sweet tooth.
Also, leftovers from the day work well here.
I can't do most plain fruit on an empty stomach, so apples etc are out for me.
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Chocolate milk (what ever type of milk you use,) very satisfying, only a wee bit bad.
Fresh raw broccoli florets dipped in soy sauce. Perfect when you want something salty and crunchy (will keep you out of the chips.)
Apple wedges dipped in sour cream. Sweat, tangy and creamy.
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I'm a sucker for late night snacks During the day I'll only let myself have raw fruit or veggies between meals but after dark, it's on. My favorites (if there's no chocolate around!) are granola with frozen blueberries, an Amy's bean burrito with Tabasco, or apple slices smothered with a nut butter and sprinkled with cinnamon. Mmm!
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I always like ants on a log, or just log if I don't have any raisins or ants.

Leftover pancakes with peanut butter and jelly (DH picks up this gourmet stuff that doesn't have refined sugar in it, they use concentrated grape juice instead, yummy!). I'm always making soaked pancakes because I can't eat store-bought flour products anymore.
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I crave cereal at night, even thought I rarely have it for breakfast. I eat it 1-2 times per week for a late night snack.
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roasted almonds in the shells (keeps ya busy)

frozen blueberries

kefir smoothie

beer and chocolate (um, yeah, a bit redneckish, lol)


bean burrito w/salsa


Oskri coconut bar (DECADENT!) w/a small wedge of extreme dark chocolate (endangered species)

spoonful of coconut spread (Wilderness Family Naturals) and a spoonful of their chocolate sauce
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Popcorn has always been my late night snack of choice ( with a square or two of dark chocolate ) You can eat tons of it and its fairly healthy if you don't add butter and salt, plus it keeps your hands busy and its yummy.

I do also like apples with almond butter, or smoothies (if kids are still awake)
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Both of these have been said. But it's usually cereal or popcorn for me.
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