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NOVA roll call!

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Ok ladies, let's try it again. I am now in Gainesville. Who wants to play with us? I will travel!
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I'm in Herndon, I always like to play, and I'm also willing to travel
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We are in Springfield!
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Hi I am in Phoenix, AZ right now but moving to NOVA August 1! House hunting trip in July. Would love to get together when we get there. I have 4 kids 14bb and 5bg twins.
P.S. any reviews of areas is greatly appreciated. We are leaning toward Fairfax City.
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Anybody up for Sunday, maybe Van Dyke park in Fairfax?
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I'm in Centreville. Baby's too young to play yet, but here I am! :-D
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Hey there, I'm in Haymarket right near gainesville.. I'm looking for some like minded mama's.. Would love to meet up...
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I am in Ashburn! I have a 2mo old baby girl.
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anybody want to play today?

It's beautiful out!
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I'm also in Gainesville on the edge of Haymarket. Any of you ladies in this area want to get together at James S. Long park sometime?
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I am in Haymarket, VA. I am growing my first baby now... but would love to meet like minded parents.
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Hey there Ladies, Tatangel19 & I are planning on meeting Wednesday at 10am in Gainesville at Tyler Elementary, so if anyone can make it please come. We will be at the kindergarten playground to the left of the school, not the playground behind the school. They have a smaller play structure and a bigger one and also swings right there. Also big trees for shade. Looking forward to it.
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Hello! I have a 21 mos son, and we're home together for the summer until I go back to nursing school end of August. Would love to meet up for a playdate sometime! We live in Centreville
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Anybody for Monday? Time/place suggestions?
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Hey there,
We're in Manassas. It would be nice to meet other people around here. I would say yes to Monday, but I'm meeting with two clients that day. Maybe Thursday or Friday.

Take care,
~Fern <><
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Anybody? Bueller?
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Mt Vernon/Alexandria


i'm in alexandria - mt vernon/ft belvoir area - haven't found any other moms "like me" i'm stuck in yuppie hell aaaahhhhhh. just want to hang out, laugh and find some other moms who don't take themselves sooo seriously...my little boy is 20 months old. anybody else out this way?
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Woodbridge area!
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We are in Fairfax and are willing to travel!
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