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group b strep

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Has anyone dealt with group b strep and an UC? Pulled between the risk and the trust. Any experience?
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i had it with ds2 but didnt worry about it with dd3. i heard the risk of baby being exposed a lot less with water birth
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I tested positive at 37 weeks for group b on the swab but not in my urine. My OB said I would have to have IV antibiotic during labor and baby would be kept in hospital for 48 hours for monitoring. (OB didn't know I was planning a UC)

I would also like to mention my OB kept trying to get the ok from me to do internal exams. I always said NO! I was amazed that she would risk shoving the Group B up into my vagina. I didn't want to start a battle, or find a new OB so I just kept it to a polite no and fumed when we left.

Anything going into your vagina could push the group b inside your vagina. This is especially important after your waters break because your "safety wall" is no longer in place.

There are high risk and low risk Group B individuals.

High risk includes:

*pre-term labor (before 37 weeks)
*PROM (waters being broken with NO contractions for more than 24hrs)
*a previous baby who tested positive for group b
*urine testing positive for group b
*bladder infections

I did the garlic treatment every night for a week after testing positive.
I took one piece of garlic - took the paper stuff off - used my nail to cut into and break the skin so the juices could get out a bit - took a needle and thread and sewed along piece of string on one side

I then inserted it into my vagina (like you would a tampon) every night before I went to bed. You don't have to get it way up in the canal. Just far enough that it will stay up there and you can still grab the string to pull it out in the morning.

You will smell like garlic. You may even taste garlic. It is even said if you continue the treatment for a long period of time your amniotic fluid may smell like garlic.

Here are some links with info:





I ended up having my UC and birthing the baby in a pool. My amniotic sack stayed intact up until I was crowning. I ended up pooping in the water as well. Gross but I must mention seeing how group B lives in the intestines and the baby emerged in a pool of diluted poo. She seemed fine from the moment she was born and we payed close attention to all the symptoms of a baby positive with group B.



We took her to the ER the next day just to have her checked out. We were going to just bring her to the pediatrician but she was born on a holiday weekend and we didn't want to wait 3 days to get her checked out. I told the ER everything went so fast we didnt have time to call anyone or come into the hospital. They asked why I didnt bring her in right after she was born and I said it didn't feel like an emergency. I was fine and the baby was fine. I told them as little as possible and always went back to the answer of...... "Everything went so fast!". Most of them were pretty cool about it.

The ER asked about the group B and I just told them couldn't remember the group B results. They said because they weren't sure about the results they would test her blood for signs of infection. They will look at the red and white blood cell count. Which if you wait to cut the cord the red and white counts will both be high. Let them know you waited to cut the cord and they will then look at specific white blood cell numbers for signs of infection. They will automatically try to admit. Just say no. If all the tests come back fine there is no reason for the baby to be admitted. Remind them of that in a nice way = )

You can read my birth story at this link
Write me if you have any questions. Sorry this was sooooo long = ) I hope all goes well for you!!!!
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Dd was born on Xmas eve and I was told I had GBS around 20 weeks in my urine. I don't know if this is true as other results were inaccurate or lied to me about. But during labor I used hibiclens rinses 2 times. I did garlic and Vit C and Echinacea every day for a few weeks before labor started. My waters stayed intact until bulging during pushing stage right (like regina's experience) before she came out. I transferred after my UC and she tested negative for GBS.
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that is all very reassuring. going to start garlic tonight. i read up, they say do it for 2 nights. baby's due in 8 days, do it until baby comes?
by the way sharlla, what is ds2 and dd3?
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is it protocol to test baby if i called my midwife after he comes (can she do the test at home) or do i need to go to the hospital? im planning an unassisted water birth.
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The testing they did on my daughter was a blood test so I would ask your midwife if she can do a blood test and how long for her to get the results....just to be sure. The blood would have to go to a lab for the testing. So it may be quicker to go to the hospital since they have labs in house.

I think Sharlla ment dd2 and dd3 (dear daughter)

It wont hurt to do the garlic every night other than the smell = )
It gave me peace of mind ot do the treatment longer.........
I forgot to mention that I also used the hibiclens kittywitty talked about.
You can get it at walmart. I used it once in the shower before labor really got going.
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so a rinse with hibiclens?
and has anyone used oregon grape root tincture for this?
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You all may find this journal post regarding hibiclens vs. routine IV antibiotics for gbs+ women very interesting!


Love and blessings!
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I didn't test and didn't worry about it.
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this advice is probably not needed by poster because she could have had the baby by now. but for future readers i would be careful going into the ER after a UC, especially if you were Group B positive. My fear from stories was that they could make you admit the baby and recieve IV antibiotics and threaten to get CPS involved if you didnt. i just watched for signs and took the baby to a pediatrician at 8 days old. he said she was perfectly healthy and to watch for fever. i also did the garlic and hibaclens. but my water didnt brake till last push. i wasnt worried at all. who knows if i was still positive at that point anyway!!
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Never tested for it, and won't. In fact, with my first babe, I did have a MW and she didn't test her Mothers for it or GD.
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