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As some of us are getting 23andme results, I want to post some of the stuff I'm connecting.  I have my results and dh's, but we didn't test the kids and so I'm guessing with them.


First, MAO-A, that's the swingy serotonin one, that makes you want quiet time so you don't get overstimulated.  Dh has that one, and I don't.  He likes to stay home, will play video games and watch movies for a chance to 'relax his brain' and really does well with time to specifically work on his own projects without interruption.  I, on the other hand, tend towards low serotonin in general.  I like activities that boost serotonin, getting out, talking to people, finishing projects, exploring new places, etc.  I DON'T like recharging time.  I like momentum.  After one fun thing, I want it to keep going forever, or I want to jump straight into the next thing.  I guessed that dd was more like dh - she really likes to watch her videos, and they seem to reset her.  And I guessed that ds (the baby) was more like me - he just wants to go go go, explore everything.  Turns out this gene is sex-linked on the X chromosome.  Since I'm -- and dh is +, that makes dd +- and ds -.  So I guessed right!


So how is this helpful?  Differentiating the different serotonin types into groups, like those who need that recharge time vs those who want to go go go can give us tools for better meeting each person's needs, to keep their serotonin in a good spot.  I don't think there are specific nutrients for this one, per se, but it's where behavior has strong influences on brain chemistry.

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Before I got to the bottom of that paragraph, I was going to ask exactly that, was it sex-linked, since DH only had one letter.  And we're mostly opposite y'all, I am +- and he is -, DD is -- .. be interesting to see what DS is, I'm guessing also --. 


That's an interesting one, because it needs to be separated from being introverted and extroverted (doesn't it?).  I need to think about it more (in my reflective, quiet, alone time  ;-)  ).


Hey, sorta OT... do you know how 23andme is for reporting when someone has 3 of a specific chromosome, say Down Syndrome?  I was talking with someone about our tests and she may be interested for her son.  I'll ask on the site if you don't know.  I wonder if there's a group that's already discussing how that affects things. 

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I think yeah, there's the introvert/extrovert variable to add on to the MAO stuff. Not sure how that fits in. It's tough to explain this to dh. You say quiet reflective down time. For me, my down time goes straight to the computer to talk to you all, it's a social outlet for serotonin boosting for me wink1.gifredface.gif

I don't know anything about 23andme and downs. Interesting question, though.
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Originally Posted by Theloose View Post

I don't know anything about 23andme and downs. Interesting question, though.

Ha!  The three responses I got on my thread all said the same thing--that's an interesting question!  I hope someone from the company answers... maybe I should just email Customer Service?  Is that the way to get answers?  I was assuming that in the Product category, they had employees helping with some questions.

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That's interesting about MAO.  Dd is MAO ++ and things have always gone downhill if I schedule more than one activity a day!


I'm having trouble figuring out VDR, AHCY, ACE, and ACAT - is there a way to match the 23andme results to Yasko?  I looked at the wiki and that helped with the other genes but couldn't figure those out.

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I just read halfway through this thread and am banging my head here......Iam away from mdc for a while and look what I miss!!!!!!!

I see there hasn't been any recent activity on this thread, is there another more recent one somewhere? 

I don't understand a lot of the genetics, but we do have stuff going on and I would like to get tested, but I don't know where to even start......

should I test myself, am gluten intolerent, have a baby with down syndrome, I suspect one of the mthfr mutations,

my 17 year old ds has aspie symptoms, but no formal diagnoses,

my 7 year old  ds had so many allergies as a baby and toddler and thankfully has come alooooong way with nutrition, supps etc; but this just might be the missing piece of the puzzle....

besides gluten the other kids don't seem to have issues, maybe little things here and there.

who do I test first?????

would you wise mamas be able to help me understand  the test results? I see 23andme have a $99 special and I cannot afford to test more than one of us....

o.k. taking a break now before i go back and read the rest of it :)


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31/2 year old, mild ASD, started with DAN, not happy with the experience, no testing, just a list of items I could have chosen myself from a book, going to a Yasko supporter today.... Thanks for all those who write so we can support one another through this experience... so tough with no definitive answers, just educated guesses It seems...Some Say Yasko is just a money maker, It seems like they all cost lots of $$$ to me.... and insurance, well, we all know they just won't pay for anything.... sorry for the vent!


to Mom above, I think the best thing we can do is change the diet for our other kids.  We can't afford to test everyone in our family who shows wierd behavior, that would be all of my three other kids, but knowing what I know now, I would work on a whole foods diet, sprouted nuts and grains, enzymes, probiotics, GF/CF/SF/SF and as much organic fruits veggies and organic meats.... this along with a good multi vit and cod liver oil can do wonders by itself...I feel your desperation!


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