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3.5 month old

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I was really excited to find this forum. My husband and I have decided to seriously limit the tv we watch. We also dont want our 3.5 month old daughter to watch the tv bc we think it effects her already. Does anyone have any info to support that? We are getting a pretty hard time from family and the info I keep finding is about toddlers.
Thanks in advance
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Welcome! Have you checked the resources sticky at the top of the page? I know there's one link about infants. The books are really good also. I loved Buy, Buy Baby, but I've read most of them and they're all full of great information. There was a study a few years back about Baby Einstein type programs. Exposing infants to these shows actually showed a decrease in vocabulary/language development. You might try googling that for more accurate info. Stick to your guns and good luck.
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Welcome!! From the time my son was born we always had his back to the TV if it was on. We still watched TV here and there. Once he got to the age where he would turn his head towards it we went to a no TV during the time he was awake policy. If he was awake the TV was always off. That worked really well for us. He is 3 now and has never watched TV. I found that family and friends gave us a hard time at different points but if you stick to your plan they just accept it and move on. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV before the age of 2 so most of my friends didn't do TV till there kids were closer to 2. You could always quote that. Its not the easiest road at first but once you get used to it, its really no big deal. My son doesn't know any different so he never even asks to watch TV.
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