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homebirth midwives in buffalo, ny?

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i know it is tricky to get hold of homebirthing midwives in buffalo, but i also know they are here, just under the radar. i am looking for options - my sister just had an experience with one of the midwives in this area that makes me really uncomfortable using her, but the midwifery practice i go to only delivers at children's hospital - and i really really really do not want to go back there. I do not want the separation from my family, or the hospital staff not leaving us alone, or leaving my house in JANUARY to drive to the hospital, push out the baby, not get rest until being discharged, then taking myself and the baby out in JANUARY (again, in Buffalo) to get home. any stories? anyone to recommend? dh is really nervous about hbing, and i need someone i can have confidence in as well. pm me if you need to, i am really in need of info. thanks!
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Subbing this thread, laehmichal, and I wish I had contacts to give you. :/ I had a birth at Womens & Childrens almost two years back with the midwifery group which wasn't terrible, but also had several serious problems recently with them during a miscarriage. I'd also like to go elsewhere for care if there's another option.

Would you PM me letting me know who your sister's midwife was? Was she with the practice or someone independent? I'll share my horror story if you share yours.
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MANA may be able to help give you referrals:

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Children's Hosp

I just PM'd you info you probably already have, but in case you do reconsider Children's, I had a VBAC there last year with the midwifery group and it really went much much better than I anticipated it would. I had a super strict birth plan and everyone adhered (no docs unless I consented, 1 nurse, only my dh in room with us). I had my first dd as emergency cs at Mercy and overall found children's to be much better. I checked myself and baby out at 24 hours so I was there as little time as possible. I also just saw through ICAN that they allowed their first water birth.

I also would have preferred a HB but I was a little nervous because of the VBAC. Hope you find what you are looking for at home!
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moved to NY tribe.
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I had a wonderful homebirth in April after seven months of great care!
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Originally Posted by frenchkissed View Post

I had a wonderful homebirth in April after seven months of great care!
We adore Eileen! My first pregnancy with NMA was stressful--my second, with Eileen, was beautiful. I ended up needing to deliver at Children's anyway, but Eileen has privileges there now and was so, so wonderful!
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With the Midwife Modernization Act passing, I have a feeling that there will be more homebirth midwives across NYS soon.
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Eileen is amazing.

If you get down into Chautauqua County, there's Jen Bozza, who is also fantastic.

You can also contact some of the women from http://www.womansworkmassage.com/About-Us.html

I've met Margaret. She's such a beautiful person. I'd suggest you contact her, and see what she has to say. I've spoken with Heather on multiple occasions, though we've never met IRL. She's a very passionate, feisty woman. I don't know Shannon, though. But, if the other two can vouch for her, I'm sure she's a great person.
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I realize I never got to thank any of you, so thank you thank you thank you!! We are working with Jen Bozza, after a few interesting and serendipitous referrals. DH is actually very comfortable with everything as well, which I was quite nervous about, as he is a traditional kind of guy who also works in a local hospital. Things are moving right along, we super excited, and again, thanks to everyone for their input and encouragement. You're all great!
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