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OK my schedule is looking good. Just need to work a few more things in around DP work schedule.

Off to try and finish it
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Excellent. All I have left to do is the last third of my book list and then I'm going to shower and head to bed.
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I spent 10 minutes dividing up a 5-lbs tube of ground beef.

The next 10 minutes I used one lbs of meat to make a meatloaf for Monday.
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I have a serious amount of stuff to get done today... last night this helped so much so forgive me if I once again bombard the thread today. I love to see what everyone else is doing too
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In the last 10 minutes I now have breakfast to eat, emailed my reflexologist friend to set up a session and called my Mom to cover childcare for a meeting I have on Wednesday

Now 10 minutes more!
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I think I'm going to update after 2 or 3 10 minute sessions so that I don't have to stop my flow as often.

10+10 done and I got breakfast almost all eaten, uploaded all but five of the pictures I needed, and started updating my website.
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10+10+10 and photos are finished, meds are taken, I drank some water and finished my breakfast. Then I got interrupted to dress a bleeding chin when my son fell off a stool outside. After I got him put to bed (his request) I sent off a safe/unsafe foods list to my Mom for when she watches them on Wednesday.

I'm on a roll
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10+10+10 done again. Sent more emails and placed an order for food/supplements for the month.
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Jumping in on this one- I'm overwhelmed at the amount of stuff to do, hopefully breaking it down will work for me!
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Yay! I found my desk- it is the 'catch all' for things that don't seem to have a home, and it always discourages me not to have a nice clear work space.
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I'm totally overwhelmed today. I'm jumping in right now. Closing my stupid laptop and going to tackle the dishes in the next 10.
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Ok, my desk is clean, now to clear off the table/craft space/sewing space combo. I wish I had better organization/storage skills!
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Taking 10 to devote to my kitchen island.
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Anyone else's kids go crazy if they move too fast? Didn't get as much as I wanted done, but it's mostly cleared. Will try again later...
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Ok, jumping right in!

Dusted top of daughter's dresser
Decluttered office desk
Pack a few more things for vacation

Whoo hoo! This definitely helps!!
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I've been lurking MDC after months and months of sabbatical, and this thread just motivated me to make SO MANY phone calls, and deal with all sorts of unpleasant paperwork that has been hanging over my head. Phew! It feels so wonderful!

Anyways, My house has been looking amazing lately, but my finances and work-related activities have suffered. Hoping to find some balance here.

Today I have....
Gotten my books paid for
Gotten childcare voucher paperwork done
Gone to class
Tidied my yard
Made those IMPORTANT phone calls!
Listed my debt
Put out a few job feelers

Now I need to...
finish the dishes
more job feelers
find a product photographer since my camera broke
do my homework (3 short assignments)

Love and luck!
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Back again today- somehow my house has spun out of control- and reclaiming it is taking much longer than I want it to!

Living room declutter
Kitchen clearout
Bathroom cleaning
linen washing
diaper laundry

annnnd... job search
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