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Waterbirther's unite!
If anybody wants to check this out. They are trying to get 10,000 waterbirth stories by the end of the year.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently published in their journal, Pediatrics, some very negative personal opinions about waterbirth, calling it "a bad joke, useless, a fad, which was so idiotic it would go away..."

http://waterbirth.org/spa/index.php [url]

Click on the I WAS BORN IN THE WATER link halfway down the page.

Happy writings!
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Thanks for the link! I just emailed them to have my girls put oin the list. What an honor to add my daughters to the tribe of waterbabies.
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I put Sam on the list...boy do I wish my first 2 had been born in the water!! LOL Thanks for posting this...
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hhmm... I will tell my waterbirthing friend. Maybe by the end of the year I will have a story to post there as well.
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I also added my daughter's name. Waterbirthing a fad? I'd do it again - it was an awesome experience.

DS 11/98
DD 10/03 born at home
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I listed my 2 boys. Forgot to write where, though.
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They're joking right?

Are they really questioning the validity and usefulness of water during labor? Still?
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If you go to the waterbirth.org website homepage where they talk about the Pediatrics commentary and click on "Pediatrics", you can go to the portion of the waterbirth website where they have a link to the report and commentary.
I found the report and commentary pretty evenhanded. The gist of it was that women need to be told of the potential of water inhalation with waterbirths. I did not see anywhere the part that they quote "bad joke, useless,..." so I'm wondering who they were quoting? Was that in the Pediatrics journal? If so, I didn't see it in the part they reference. I find it strange that a medical journal would print an opinion like the one in the quote.
Can anyone shed any light on this?
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My little buddah will be up there soon as well... hopefully.
Jilson, I don't know the answer to your question. Perhaps you could email the website? I can't imagine they would put that in an article. It was probably more like an offhand(or not) comment made at a press conference or something...but then, I really don't know.
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I put dd on the list.
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If there's a risk of water inhalation with water birth, not only would I like to see that, but so would Barbara, I'm sure. The case studies in that article are inconclusive - and I'm not sure what "poorly managed" waterbirths mean. Surely, any baby with a one minute Apgar of 1 had signs of distress during second stage. Babies with those issues should NOT be born in water.

I've seen - NUMEROUS times - waterbirth mentioned by the Obs on the OB/GYN forum.net lists, where they talk about it being a "fad" and "reckless".... it would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Like the bashes on homebirth, if they can come up with some solid evidence, then I'd listen. However, it's the old theory that birth in itself is scary and anything but a woman sitting up, spread eagle in front of you on a surgical bed is "reckless".


However, Barbara should be careful about quoting an article when said article does not have the quote advertised. Such is the issue that gets us in trouble.
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