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That patten is SO CUTE!!!! I personally LOVE a wrap style cover or longies. THis Is the pattern I use. Leigh let me know what size you want! As far as that pattern it looks easy enough. I am fairly new to knitting. I started in January of this year when I miscarried. I bought the pattern the day before I found out I was going to miscarry so as a way to heal I started knitting it. So this pattern has a place in my heart.
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Originally Posted by thebigfam View Post
That patten is SO CUTE!!!! I personally LOVE a wrap style cover or longies. THis Is the pattern I use. Leigh let me know what size you want! As far as that pattern it looks easy enough. I am fairly new to knitting. I started in January of this year when I miscarried. I bought the pattern the day before I found out I was going to miscarry so as a way to heal I started knitting it. So this pattern has a place in my heart.
Probably a small. Despite being as tiny as I am now, I was pretty good sized baby and my DF is 6' tall, and was a big baby himself - it runs on both sides over here. All my friends think I'm crazy when I tell them I hoping for a ten-pounder. I'm pretty positive that while that won't be happening, but am still holding out to at least break how big I was - 8 lbs 11 oz. I told ya! DF was 9 lbs 14 oz.

And thank you, thank you, thank you yet again! This is so amazing of you.
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Originally Posted by thebigfam View Post
That patten is SO CUTE!!!! I personally LOVE a wrap style cover or longies. THis Is the pattern I use. Leigh let me know what size you want! As far as that pattern it looks easy enough. I am fairly new to knitting. I started in January of this year when I miscarried. I bought the pattern the day before I found out I was going to miscarry so as a way to heal I started knitting it. So this pattern has a place in my heart.
Oh, that is a beautiful soaker pattern!

I agree, longies are beautiful, and we use them here exclusively during the winter. So pretty.

That is it, I'm signing up for a knitting class to improve my skills!
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I'm late to the thread, but I, too, love prefolds, snappis, and covers for newborns.

I have sweet newborn size diapers that have never seen use in my house (my babies were 11 lb, 14 oz and 9 lb, 7oz), but that's cause I grow them freakishly big. My first son went straight to medium covers, and my second son needed small covers for a few weeks. We used green infant size prefolds (similar to GMD's yellow, I think).

Once they are mobile, I like pockets. For my second son, this didn't happen until he was 9 months old (that's when he started to roll over!!! ), so I used prefolds for a long time on him. My first son was more like 4-5 months.
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If I were to start at the beginning, I would try a little of everything. Diapers have fit my two very differently and what worked for one did not work for the other, for the most part.

AIOs- grovia, or if you can find any small Dreameze AIOs...they're wonderful, but discontinued. The grovia one is one-size. I love the natural baby company, I've found quality in everything I've tried.
AI2s- grovia or softbums
Pockets- I love the fit of bumgenius, but I hate that the velcro and elastic wear so incredibly quickly. I think it's just an inferior product. That said, it's not very difficult to replace the elastic and velcro, if you can use a sewing machine a little, and they have a one year warranty, so many people just get them replaced right before a year and have a new stash. Other than that, there are no pockets I absolutely love. I have heard wonderful things about katydids, but I haven't tried them myself.
Fitteds- I'm not a fitteds girl, so I don't know much about them, but I would try them. We had some nanipoos for when DD was tiny, but I think she's out of business for now.
Covers and Prefolds- love them. We use wigglewormbottoms for covers, SO cute and they work like a charm. If we get a comment on how cute our diapers are, it's a wigglewormbottoms cover. I love snappis, but mostly we just trifold in the cover, and it works great...that's what they're made for.
Wool- check out chelory on hyenacart, she does amazing custom work.

Haha, can you tell I've been thinking about this? My best friend is trying to get pregnant and I just think about diapers for her all day!
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Kissaluvs and Weehuggers

Yes, Kissaluvs size 0 were great for dd1 when she was a newborn. Actually, she was under 5 lbs when she was born, and none of the cloth diapers we had were small enough for her, even Fuzzi bunz Preemies. But, the Kissaluvs fit her the soonest! I like wool covers, as well-- shorties for summer and longies for winter. Etsy is great, as well as Ebay, for finding beautiful homemade varieties.

For baby #2, due in July, I'm dreaming of trying Weehuggers. They look great, but I haven't heard any reviews yet.

Cloth diapering is awesome-- enjoy your new baby!
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One word.... SOFTBUMS!

They have elastic in the legs so you don't have to worry about how the brand fits. You just slide the inner toggle to the size of your baby's legs, adjust every few months as they grow.

They're also economical because you can snap in new inserts if baby only peed. I rotate between two covers (air out the wet one and use it at the next change) until one gets poopy. Of course during the newborn stage they will pretty much all be poopy! However you can use these same shells from 7ish pounds up until they potty train.

Poo containment is GREAT! Again because of the totally adjustable legs.

They will hold a prefold, although it's a stretch. They are meant to be trim-fitting however, which means they can be worn under tight clothes (and let's face it, almost all baby clothes are designed to be worn over barely-there disposables). I usually use their own inserts, the bamboo velour are my fave although the microfiber are easier to dry.

The covers have held up great in the wash even using super-hot cycles to get rid of yeast or bacteria fairly regularly. They also go in the dryer. Overall very easy. Bamboo inserts are a bit more fussy, a short dry followed by stretching and hanging works best for me. Top loaders can cause excessive pilling in the velour from agitation. Microfiber inserts are easy-peasy though.

They are pretty user friendly for daycare, daddies, etc. especially compared to those ones covered in snaps.

I started CD at 6 months which is admittedly after the most "liquid" phase, but I am going to start at birth with #2. I tried several brands including Wahmies, prefolds with Imse Vimse, Aristocrats longie (that one's nice), and a couple other AIOs. I thought I would like Wahmies best but Softbums was definitely the winner, now it's practically all I use.

I also heartily recommend diaper creams and other baby care items, etc from Northern Essence. They wash right out of cloth, which is a very rare thing for creams and salves. Quite important for maintaining absorbancy.
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Who would have thought there'd be anything left to add in this thread by now? But it just occurred to me to add that it's worth buying some nice small flannel squares for wipes, too. I actually made our wipes myself out of an old flannel sheet for my first baby, and we're still using most of them on the third! Can't recommend them highly enough. I also suggest just using plain water to clean the baby's bottom -- we hardly ever get rashes and I don't use any kind of soap or disposable wipe on our babies' delicate skin (unless they get very dirty or we're out and about with no water, of course).

I also like prefolds and Thirsties Duo Wraps for their adjustability and trim fit. And I guess the third time's a charm, because I actually learned to use Snappis this time around and am surprised at how easy they are. Never could use them with the first, though.
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I am supposed to be sewing my first test diaper for my NB stash now, and instead I'm reading this getting tempted to go shopping!

I got a kissaluv 0 last time around but never tried it until DD was 12 months old. She was very active and skinny by then, and it still fit her! I am going to make some recycled t-shirt diapers based loosely on the measurements from that KL0 and a few other things. I'm aiming for:

24-36 NB/SM fitted diapers, maybe as many as 4 dozen if I have time.
12 NB prefolds (if I haven't made that last dozen fitted diapers by early September)
I have about 6 NB PUL & velcro covers and 3 or 4 small ones. I don't like them much, but I'll probably use them again since they're there. I would rather do all wool covers:
3-4 each NB and small wool soakers/longies.
some of those nice wool sleeper sacks I just discovered!

I have stacks of medium-sized (15-30-ish pounds, I think) pocket diapers I made last time around, but I think I'm going to switch to fitteds this time, but that's all for later.

Oh, and flats! Flats are great! Also a few larger prefolds to lay the baby on and soak up leaked milk in bed.
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I've only read the first page, but so far nobody has really suggested AIO's. Honestly, my very favorite diapers for every stage, even for and especially for newborns, are Very Baby AIO's. Handsdown. And I've made and tried so many different types of diapers, probably everything under the sun. While I do like fitteds and wool, I really prefer the ease/simplicity, and trimness of AIO's and Very Baby's are my favorite. I know you can get all kinds of different materials in them now, but the originals with birdseye in them are still my favorite.
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Newborn stash

I adore Muttaquin Baby newborn diapers. They are soooo cute and ultra absorbent, and I like Thirsties covers and of course wool!!! I have made some interlock and knit pants that I dyed with Kool Aid and then you don't have to worry about a cover, just slide on the pants!
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I love Woolybottoms.com or Batik Bum on Hyena cart for longies, soakers and footies over BuBu Bebe diapers very absorbent and fun as well!
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A variety of sized fitteds, like Dream-eze (which are AWESOME), Blueberry and Swaddlebees covers with snaps (very trim and stylish and super durable!), and lots of adorable wool. Start at Llamajama and you will fall in love with wool!

Good luck! Live the diaper stash dream!
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If money were no issue, I think I'd still use prefolds and covers for newborns. They're just so easy to use for that age. The only thing I'd do differently if I had the money to afford it, would be wool covers. We used mostly Thirsties, which worked great. But I love wool and would have used it a lot if I could afford it.

Your stash will change as your baby gets older, but prefolds are a great place to start. Easy to use, versatile, and the bonus is that it's cheap. Kissaluvs fitteds were another fave of mine when DD was a newborn. I will probably stock up on more of those when we have another.
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Wow! Is this the little thread that could or what? Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to help out.
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I also own a diaper store (been doing it for 5 years now and my all time favorite newborn diaper is the Lil Joey by Rumparooz. Great internal gussets and fit perfectly at birth with a fold down in the front for umbilical cord care. Absolutely LOVE them! They are an AIO, so super easy changes and fit from 4-12 lbs. Fantastic diapers!

Have fun shopping

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Taking cost into consideration.....

My ideal stash would be: small prefolds and some fitted kissaluves with bummis or thristies covers for 0-3 months.... then, the BG 3.0 pocket one size diapers with some babykicks hemp doublers for the older baby.

haha...that said... it is so hard to resist the cute blueberry one size and Goodmamas with wool covers. It's almost impossible to not spurge on a few cute diapers. But for fit, ease of use, and $$$ factors, the BG 3.0 is great.
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My Stash

Hi! I'm starting my cloth diapering venture with my 3rd baby, due in 2 weeks! Can't wait! Per recommendations from gals on the gdiapers yahoo group, I have "mixed up" my newborn stash of fitteds. My newborn stash contains 24 dipes - Thirsties Fab Fitteds XS, Kissaluvs 0s, and WAHM-mades (Very Baby by Monkeytoediapers on Etsy and Rebel Baby on hyena cart - LOVE these, too cute), plus 5 covers, a wahm-made ooga booga on hyena cart, 2 Thirsties, and 2 Bummis Whisper Wraps, and 1 wool soaker.

My size Small stash contains 30 gflappers inserts (I made my own, but they are sold at nappyshoppe.com) for 10 gDiapers (they have RUFFLE butts!) covers/liners.

I also have a night-time pocket diaper stash of Bum Genious 3.0's, 4 dipes in all, and will use the gflappers inserts. I also have 1 monster bum wool soaker from Fashionably Green Baby on hyena cart.
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Originally Posted by Juliacat View Post
I have cloth diapered 2 babies from birth and I feel really, REALLY strongly about fitted diapers for newborns. Flats and prefolds are too complicated for me the first two weeks, and pockets and AIO's leak newborn poop in the middle of the night. Fitteds are the only diapers that are easy enough to use, fit well, and hold everything in. We used Kissaluvs 0 for both of our babies, but if I were doing it over again I would probably buy the infant fitteds from Green Mountain Diapers or something else cheaper than Kissaluvs that does the same job. It's only the first few weeks of the baby's life that I feel this way, but time does weird things when you've just had a baby and can make three weeks feel like fifteen years.
(Bolding mine.) I loved the GMD fitteds with my daughter (8lb 4oz) and was so sad my second child (10lb 10 oz) didn't wear them past two weeks old. He is really wide across the middle and gained two pounds in his first three weeks, thus outgrowing them way too fast!
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I have to agree with the posters who have recommended elbees. If I could have a stash of ALL elbees, I so would. While she only stocks periodically, she does do SOME customs. I'm not sure if she still has a long waiting list (I was on it for a couple of years...yes, years!), but it would be worth contacting her to find out. I got an XS for the new baby and can't wait to try it.

Evidence of our elbee love... One of my very favorite pics of my little guy (now over 2.5) with his new elbees: http://gallery.mac.com/hvbarrett#100...&bgcolor=black
(There are other pics of the diapers if you look in that gallery.)

We have used KL0s and liked them, and with my 2nd CD'd babe (above) I went with Swaddlebees NB fitteds and liked them even more. BUT, the colors tended to fade. They are smaller and fit even better. Of course, my first CD'd babe was squeezing into KL0s past 6mo old! They were rather low in the rise, but they fit!

Muttaqin NB dipes are on my list to find for this baby. I've gifted them before, but not used them with my own LO. Other Mutts have not fit my LOs well, though, despite wanting to love them.

Definitely have fun trying this and that! Truly, every baby is different and every diaper is different, so it's a lot of trial and error to get a perfect system down.
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