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Holistic Moms of the Midlands

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Hi everyone!

We would love to have you all join our group. We meet on the first Thursday of each month, usually at 14 Carrot in Lexington, from 11-1. We have been looking for the best time to meet and thought that this would allow moms to attend and bring their kids too. 14 Carrot has a nice play area and the kids really seem to like to interact together.

Each month, we have a topic with an invited speaker. Then we hang out and share information. Here is the schedule for the next few meetings. I will update as we get more into the fall, and we welcome suggestions for meeting topics.

July: Jane Hiller with Sonoco Recycling will talk about composting, including worm bins.

August: Sharon Wright of raw4all.com will talk on the vegan raw food diet, its benefits and how to's.

We are also reviving the book-of-the-quarter club, so suggest titles to us!

All interested parties can come to one meeting before committing to a membership, so come see what we are all about!
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Just a bump to remind people that our next meeting is Thursday, July 1, at 11. Hope everyone can make it!
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