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Anyone TTC have experience taking Glucophage?

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My OB just prescribed Glucophage to try and regulate my cycles, and was curious of anyone else has had a good or bad experience on it? We've been TTC #2 for about 6 months, DS took about 3 yrs to get, but didn't need any assistance...
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Did he explain why he put you on it? Have you gotten diagnosed with PCOS and or insulin resistance (IR)?

I am on 1500 of extended release metforim ( same thing) and it because I have both of the things I just mentioned and a strong family history of type 2 insulin resistant diabetes. It brought back a sporadic ovulation and is thought to help clomid work in this with IR. I have read quite a lot about the drug and do not believe it is thought to have benefit in those who do not has these conditions. It is still being debated whether it has benefit for those with PCOS but that don't have IR.

Wonderfully I am now finally pregnant after years working at it.

What is your questions or curiosity, I will see if I can shed some light.
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I have PCOS and tried glucophage for a while to regulate cycles. It did nothing for me except give me diarrhea. I ended up needing chinese medicine (herbs) to get pregnant. It was just 3 months of being on an herbal formula and I was pregnant. The second pg came spontaneously (surprise!) when ds1 was 7mo.

Good luck!
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Yes the GI side effects can really suck, they are worse on the regular pills and seem better for most everyone on the "XR" extended release version.
The side effects also are triggered by too much sugar and simple carbs. Also by strange things in some ladies, iceberg lettuce is notorious for very loose stools, he'll if we know why. For me the only bad issue at this point is very evil farts, you asked!
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I'e been taking it for many years for PCOS related IR and the side effects pass after a couple of months (heheh a small joke). I started at 500mgs a day, then went to 1000 and recently went to 1500 a day. I didn't even know there was an XR version until you mentioned it Adorkable. I feel like I have a lot more energy and focus with it than without it. My husband says he always knows when I have missed a few because I am a little spacey. If you have IR it is important that you take it, not just for TTC purposes but to prevent the development of type II diabetes.
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I am on 1500 mg a day of the extended release (and will be on it until the end of the first trimester with my pregnancy). I was diagnosed with PCOS and have a family history of Type II diabetes. It worked to get me pregnant twice
The side effects will be a lot less if you slowly increase the dosage from 1 pill to 2 over a week's time and if you cut out a majority of sugar and carbs.
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just checking in, Morgasaursmom, how are you doing?
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