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update....finally some good news

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So, things have been getting better. At least somewhat...LOL
Merrick got his IV taken out yesterday morning and his blood sugar levels have stayed up since then. And he's been off oxygen for two days now. His bili levels went up today (he's had jaundice, but he hasn't needed photo-therapy), so they did order the photo-therapy to bring them back down. And so far, they have gone down 1.5 points. YAY!!! So hopefully, he'll only have to be under the lamp for one more day. I've had to start triple feeding (breastfeed, supplement, pump) which is daunting, but I'm doing it. It's helping my milk supply come in better. And his jaundice is the least of our worries.
We were supposed to get transferred to the children's hospital today, but that didn't happen, b/c they didn't have a room open. We weren't sure if he was going to be in NICU or PICU there or a private patient room (which we want, so I can stay with him). Well his doctor and the social worker, as well as the LC here talked to someone over there and got it pushed to where we will have a private room. YAY!!! So I don't have to leave my baby. This makes me so happy, b/c I couldn't see going home just to turn around and go back not even every three hours. And since DF is leaving town this next weekend, I wouldn't be able to handle being at home by myself with no baby.
The only other thing that kind of sucks, really isn't bad...it just sucks. LOL I got a freakin blocked milk duct yesterday. It was HUGE!!! All the way into my arm pit. I had the LC help me out and it's gone done a lot, but now it is sore. I've also had to massage at every feeding as well as every pumping to help bring my milk down more. But I got past the engorgement phase pretty quick. Which I'm glad, b/c my boobs hurt. LOL I'm going to get a couple of sports bras tomorrow (and I am not a fan of them, but I want them right now).
I think that is it.
Oh ya, I'm going to probably start a blogspot w/in the next couple of days so I can keep everyone in the loop w/o having to post everywhere (I will still post here and my other group, but on FB it's hard, b/c my posts are so long). I was wondering how many of you would join it if I set it up? I love writing everything out and having you ladies read it. It really helps me feel connected to the outside world. LOL
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Praying for you and your little guy! So glad you get to stay with him!
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Hope you get your private room soon.
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So glad to read your good news! I hope things continue to improve from here on out!
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I will read it!

It sounds like you've been blessed with a decent professional support network that not only is listening to your needs but working well together to arrange for placement that's most suitable to your situation. This is uber-fantastic, mama! Ouch, on that blocked milk duct, but I'm glad you've got a LC that's helping you along. Thinking about you!
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Yay for good news! That's wonderful about getting a private room. Hope things continue to get better and better so you can take him home. Sorry your DF has to leave for the weekend, but it sounds like you're handling things well. Keep us updated - a blogspot sounds great.
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mama, glad to hear some good news!! I'd read your blogspot, BTW.
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Glad to hear things are looking up here and there.
I'd follow a blog. You may want to look at getting a Caringbridge site vs. blogspot
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I am so happy that you get your room!! Oh and I would read your blogspot too.
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I'm glad to hear you've got a good support team working for you! :-)
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So glad things are looking up I wo uld love to read your blog if you get it up and running! Still keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers
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I'm glad that you are feeling encouraged and HOORAY on the private room, mama!! I think it is Carepages that has medical-care-oriented blogging - it's really easy to sign up for updates and I would definitely check out your blog! I'm sure I'm not the only one who checks to see how your little guy is doign!
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I knew things had to start looking up for you sometime...good to hear! Also great that your going to get a private room too! I'd read your blog too, if and when you decide on one let us ladies here know so we can follow.
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Keeping you all in my thoughts.
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I am SO GLAD you get the private room! And I would read your blog, for sure.
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