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Fun free things to do with toddler? - Page 2

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I'm always looking for more free ideas, this is a great thread!!

Visit DH for lunch

Go to the playground -- we go to a different one each day


Visit the local farms to see/feed the animals

Go to museums on the monthly free night

Go apple/strawberry/whatever-fruit's-in-season picking

Mall or stores just to explore -- yesterday we went to the Bass Pro Shops... very cool inside (lots of waterfalls & stuffed moose & fish pond etc.) also there are a few casinos nearby that are fun to explore (weird I know, I don't even gamble ) or sometimes just walk around Target or something to get out of the heat & DS looks for all the 'pup-pups' (that dog mascot on all the signs)

We minimize our time at home because it makes me antsy & DS cranky, but when we are home we do things like coloring, music time (with instruments), I made him a game with a coffee can with a hole in the cover that he pushes dry noodles through, computer games (that's a special treat), look out the windows, jump on the bed, etc.

ETA: Our zoo is nowhere near free but we discovered the membership price is equal to about 2 family visits -- not always the case but it was this time, so it made more sense to get the membership if we planned to go more than once a year!
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storytime, playart at the library, free splash parks, playdates, playgrounds, just playing at the library. My mom gets a membership to the zoo every other year, and the childrens museum is reasonably priced too. My girls also like to have a picnic and then go on a hike. We take rubber gloves and grocery sacks and clean up all the litter while we walk. Kamille has a tree that she has to visit every time and get her picture taken in front of. At home we have some board games, card games, preschool workbooks, playdoh (making homemade playdoh is fun too) Musical instrument marching band, and since Kamilles last recital they have been picking a song and costumes, and setting up "recitals" in our living room.
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these are such great ideas! We just bought a house with a large yard and it seems after living in an apartment my son doesn't know what to do with a yard. Keep the ideas coming, looking for more outseide play ideas
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Our library has passes to get into many zoos, museums etc for free.

Outdoor play- do you have clover? Hunt for a 4 leaf.

play gym- pretend it a a rocketship, a fishing boat, a tree house.

The sand box was always a favorite. You can add animals or cars & trucks.

My rule though is once something has been an outside toy it stays outside.
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