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Water Bottles In School?

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Are your kids allowed to have them at their desks at school?
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Yes, in my son's class, all the children had water bottles at their desks.
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They're required to!
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Our schools suggest water fountains are adequate, but my dd has a medical need for extra fluids and before I even asked the school I got a doctor's note stating she was to have unlimited access to water.

I know early on in the year before we did this she would say that they lost water breaks for this or that or that too many kids were getting up to use the bathroom, etc. etc.
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Yes, mine take water bottles to school every day and they are allowed access to them at all times. There is also a "make sure your child has a water bottle every day" reminder in their school newsletter every week.
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There was just a post on Free Range Kids today about this! http://freerangekids.wordpress.com/2...e-school-desk/
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Yes, dd takes her water bottle every day.
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Yes, required. Most kids have refillable bottles on their desks. they also have frequent fountain breaks.
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I'm not sure about DD's middle school. She takes a bottle to school, but I'm not sure if she leaves it in her locker during the day. They are on a part-rotary schedule, so it may be her choice not to carry it from class to class during the day. I know the rotary contributes to a fair amount of lost belongings from absent-minded kids, so I wouldn't be surprised to find out that kids were asked to keep bottles in their lockers.

I know she was allowed a bottle at her desk at her primary school, but she spent almost all day in the same class except for gym, music, drama, and library classes.
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All children in DD1's school are required to keep a water bottle in the classroom. They refill it as need be and then I take it home on the weekends to clean it. There is a rack in the front of the classroom for all the water bottles, half seem to be on there at any time and the other half on desks.
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Some classes have allowed it, some haven't
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My kids' school doesnt have desks, but yes they are allowed access to water whenever they need it and they do take water bottles. Some other kids in their school just get water from the water fountain.
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Both of my kids' HSs allow water bottles. MY daughter's also allows food, tea, coffee, other beverages in class.
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When mine tried public school, they were allowed (with enough pressure it felt required lol) to keep water bottles and snacks at their desk. There was a "designated snack time," but if a child was absolutely famished before snack time, they were allowed to eat it at their desk (teachers just asked that they have something quiet for those times, like maybe some grapes or apple slices instead of some loud bag of crunching potato chips).

When I first heard about it, I assumed the teachers must have lots of problems and interruptions, but the teachers said that since it wasn't something "taboo" or "special," it didn't seem to cause any problems.
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Yes, all the kids do. There isn't a drinking fountain in their classroom, so they brought their bottle and refilled when needed. They also bring a snack, and can eat it whenever they are hungry.
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I have a water fountain in my classroom, I also teach students who have demonstrated a likelihood to throw things when they are angry or frustrated so I ask them not to keep water bottles on thier desks. I do ask them to ask to leave their desk to get a drink so we know why they are getting up and the answer is always yes no matter how often a particular student is asking to get a drink.

My daughters have both always been allowed and encouraged to keep water bottles at school.
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All kids are allowed to keep a water bottle at their desk. There's also a fountain in the sink in every classroom. As far as snacks go, this year my DD's class was allowed to sort of graze all AM on any snacks they had brought, but there class time was pretty self directed for the first 2 hours of the day (literacy program).
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Yes, my daughter takes her bottle every day.
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