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My middle school students are allowed to have water bottles, but they can't be on the table when their laptops are out.
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My dd's teacher requested that all kids have one and most of the classrooms I have been to in our district encourage water bottles. Some only allow drinking from water bottles during classtime so a child without a water bottle has very few chances to drink water.
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I have been teaching for 15 years and been in different schools and systems; never have students been allowed (school rule, not mine) to have water bottles in class. Now, I teach high school, so maybe that is the difference? The few times students were allowed to bring beverages for a class celebration, etc, we have had "problems." Alcohol in the bottle, a student urinating in the soft drink, so we just don't allow it anymore. If I am doing something special in class (like my "poetry slam at the cafe" or "We conquered Caesar victory party") I bring in all snacks and beverages and keep a close eye on everything.
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I teach, and my dd goes to school in the same district.

We don't have hallways - classrooms open to the outside, and students are outside a lot. And it's hot here. And the water fountains don't always work. Students are encouraged to bring water to school at all levels.

We have had the same problems as mar123, so students are not allowed to share beverages or snacks, or to bring food from home for class celebrations.
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DD has a water bottle in the classroom but they are kept in a tray in the corner of the room. They are allowed to go over for a drink whenever. I'm not sure if that changes as they move up the school, right now they don't have assigned desks, they move round the room from one activity to the next.

I'm sad to say I'm not surprised to find older kids have drinks other than water, even now in the playground I regularly hear mums complaining that their kids don't like water so they bought opaque bottles so their kids can have juice without the teachers knowing!
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At dd's school, each student has to have a water bottle in the class room. My dd's only been in Pre-K, so I'm not sure how it's handled in the older grades, but in Pre-K, there was a specific table with a tray that the water bottles went on and they could get them at any time as long as they raised their hand and asked first.
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Last years school did not they only had water fountain. She is moving back to a arts school she went to before(its a charter school) that highly recommended water bottles be brought for their desk, almost to a requirement.

I picked up a stainless steel canteen yesterday for $5 at Walmart so she can take that.

Our school rooms here are typically all accessible straight to outside no inside halls etc. And its Arizona so yep water is essential.
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I'm 20 years old, so not too long ago was I in school

All of these were in the Chicago Public School system.

In my first elementary school, we were allowed water bottles only during June. Same goes for my second elementary school. In high school , we were also only allowed water bottles in June (officially, aka announcement) but some teachers allowed them at all times of the year. I had one teacher who allowed snacks as long as they were somewhat healthy (aka not flamin' hot cheetos).

I was the rebellious one and snuck pretzels into class in my backpack

So- to answer your question... only in June. As far as I know (according to my SIL who is still in high school [a different CPS High School] this remains the same).
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Yes, the kids have refillable bottles that they usually remember to take each day.
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