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stay put baby!

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my youngest has a bad croup and possibly pneumonia. we have a long miserable weekend ahead.
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sorry to hear it, my 19 month old has something very similar that showed up this am. I am just thankful it happened now and not right after baby so I can give him lots of snuggles and songs. Hope your 'baby' gets better fast!
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Good luck! Hope the timing works out for you guys! DS and I have both come down with a cold/sore throat. I'll be 40 wks on Tuesday. I'm hoping we can get some good rest and get over this crud ASAP!! :-)
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oh dear...so sorry to hear that guys! I hope and pray that you all recover much quicker than anticipated...

And if it helps in some way, I am willing to go into labor in your place... teehee!!
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how is your LO today? My 'baby' has been nursing constantly... hope that doesn't put me into labor. He had a 101 temp last night, but he slept ok and seems a bit better this morning. Thinking of you!
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I am sorry everyone is getting sick..at least I know I am not alone..today is day 14 of this cold/cough and I have been begging this baby to stay in til we are all feeling better!

They sent my DS home from school thursday and the nurse said that it is going around bad, the staff and students there are all getting hit with it..go figure.
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He's better. Fever hasn't returned and his rate of respiration is closer to normal. He is still wheezing and barking but isn't nearly as bad. Between the millipred and albuterol he is very cranky but I'd rather have a cranky boy who can breathe than a limp, little rag doll with a pulse ox of 85 that can't.
Of course I am sick now. :P It's all in my sinuses. UGH!
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Good luck, mediumcrunch!! I hope you guys are feeling better soon! I'm hoping my body understands that these conditions are not optimal for birth, and waits a day or two to birth. But, if my body decides now is the time, I hope I can rise to the occasion... :-)
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