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Charlotte Everleigh has arrived

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My surprise Baby Girl has arrived safe and sound on May 29th weighing 8lbs 4 oz 20 inches long. She arrived 8 days before her duedate. Had an extremely fast and intense labor. I had contractions for about 2 hours ranging from 15 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart with no regular pattern. Then they just kind of stopped I had DH take some pregnancy photos and then I just went and relaxed listened to some music and figured my body was just warming up but baby wasn't going to be arriving that day. Decided to have a bath and all a sudden I had a super intense contraction and felt a big pop and my water broke. Called DH to come upstairs and 20 minutes later I started pushing standing up because I just couldn't move. DH helped me back in the tub and I didn't even get to sit down I got as far as onto my knees and her head was crowning. I delivered the baby in the water it was amazing pulling her up and to my chest. My Midwife arrived shortly after she had arrived. She helped deliver the placenta and checked out our new angel. Her timing was perfect though. My DH and I wanted to UC for the labor and Delivery but wanted the baby weighed and me checked. I had a history of PP hemorrhage and I started again. Had some Sheppard's purse had my uterus abused and a shot of oxi and it slowed down.

Charlotte hasn't stopped nursing since she arrived. She went down to 7lbs 14 oz 3 days after her birth but is back up to her birth weight again. Her siblings are in love with her. I'm off to babymoon and smell her sweet newborn head.

Hope everyone whose babies have arrived are doing well and all you preggo mommas are enjoying your last few weeks and days

Here are a a photo from the birth and of my new baby girl


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Congratulations, mama, on your beautiful baby! It sounds like it was a wonderful birth.
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CONGRATS!!!! What gorgeous pictures and an amazing birth story!
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Wow! Love your story and her name is gorgeous!
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Congratulations! That's wonderful news!!
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Awww Congrats!!!  I can't wait 'till my LO gets here!!
She's beautiful and I LOVE your story...Now off to your babymoon...

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OH mama, she look so much like your little guy that shares a birth month with my little guy!!! So so sweet, I'm so glad I got to see pictures of her and YOU!!! You look wonderful, you both do. And I'm super excited that our little girls share a middle name as well.
Congratulations from me and Lilah Everly to S and Charlotte Everleigh!!
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Great birth story
beautiful name for a beautiful girl!
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She's adorable!!! Congratulations!
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Congratulations, I love her name!
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Congrats! And awesome that the birth went just as you had hoped!
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Congrats mama!
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Wow, what a crazy labor! I hope recovery goes well, and congratulations on your new little cutie.
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Congratulations!!! How awesome that you had wanted a UC and you got one!!

She is beautiful and I love her name! Take Care!
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Gratz and welcome to the world!!
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Awww . . . congratulations!
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