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No big whoop.
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Did not read the thread.

If I even noticed it, I would probably think, "What a big child!" assuming she were younger but looked big, and then think, "Gosh, I hope she's big and not that she has a special need that keeps her in there." I wouldn't think those sentences all the way out. I just mean, if I did notice it.

Anybody who judges another parent for having the child in a stroller really needs to question what about her own parenting is making her so judgmental.

ETA- Why assume the child is not a healthy five? Well, most people I know have small homes and get rid of strollers and stuff when the child is pre-school aged. I do not know many people whose five-year-olds, if healthy, are not walking a couple miles to and fro. So that is why I would assume those things. Having read this thread, I guess it's not so unusual.
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Around here, there is no school bus service and so many folks walk to school over a mile (parking is tough so walking is often easier).

And so strollers are occassionally used for the Kindergarden aged children as that can be a long walk....

But I will admit that by the second month of K? The kids walk or bike (although I suspect that several "hitch" in a double stroller with a younger sibling at least part of the way).

The only stroller judging I have?

I will occassionally have a judgemental thought when I see YOUNG children IN THE PARK still strapped into their stroller as a nanny randomly shovels food into their mouths while chayting with the nanny friends...

I see kids there for 45 minutes strapped in. And maybe there is a legit reason, but I may get kind of eye roll-ey (it's a small, fenced in park)

But I know those judgements are not fair either/
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I would think "There's me!".

My mother despaired of ever getting me out of my 'push chair' (UK terminology for an old fashioned stroller). I have a memory of someone walking with my Mum while she pushed me somewhere who said, "do you think she'll ever walk?' and them both laughing.

Suckers!! I was the one being chauffeur driven

BTW, I was a perfectly healthy energetic child (athletic even), I just liked my creature comforts apparently.
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I wouldn't think anything of it. We were out today and saw a little boy riding in a stroller.

Later DP commented to me that the boy looked to be at least 7, and that he thought the boy was too old to be riding in a stroller and that the parents were just being lazy.

I didn't think the kid looked that old, maybe 3 or 4 at the oldest, and who knows maybe he's just a big kid for his age which I pointed out to DP. I also told him that it was probably easier for the parents to just push the kid around rather than making him try and keep up and follow along, especially since it was really hot and humid. I also pointed out that the boy may have some type of disability that prevents him from being able to walk long distances. After that he commented he wasn't thinking of those things and kept his judgements to himself.
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I would think nothing of it.

I pushed DD in a stroller until she was like 5 or 6. And I'm glad I did. We both that yellow stroller and have such fond memories of our walks with it.
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I would also assume that there was a good reason for the kid being in the stroller, because I've never seen a kid happy in a stroller unless they wanted to be there!
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