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I'd wonder why they didn't get a wagon, they're easier & a better workout for the person pulling than a stroller.lol They can carry more stuff, easy to clean & you don't have to worry about weight restrictions.
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i would think they had a disability. when we hike i will take a mt for my 5 year old (35 lbs) but we typically hike several miles and he needs a break occasionally .
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It actually kind of baffles me that anyone would be judgemental at all about something like that. A kid is sitting in a stroller. Big deal.
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Originally Posted by starling&diesel View Post
I'm immediately judgemental and then remind myself that the child could need to be in a stroller for any number of reasons, and it works.

The only time I struggled with this is when there was no space on the bus to get another mama with a newborn in a stroller on, because a man with a school-aged child in an enormous stroller was taking up a lot of space and got on first. I had to tell myself that it was no different than if that child was in a wheelchair, but I have to admit, I thought he should get off to let the new mama on first.
See - if I am honest, I am immediately judgemental too. And in this situation, I am more inclined to think that the newborn should be in a sling and not a stroller in this situation. (and if a 5 year old was needing a lift, the pushchair would have to be big to carry his weight!) Its all how you look at it! lmao
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Originally Posted by eclipse View Post
It actually kind of baffles me that anyone would be judgemental at all about something like that. A kid is sitting in a stroller. Big deal.
no kidding. I guess I just wouldn't give it enough thought to get to the point of being judge-y.

OP, try not to care what anyone else thinks.
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When I first read the title, before I knew your dd had a medical reason, I still thought that I wouldn't care.

I actually wouldn't think anything about it if I saw a kid I knew was healthy sitting in a stroller. I worry about what I am doing w/my own kids and trust that most parents love their children and make decisions for them based on that.

I realize that there are a lot of judgemental people in the world and I try not to be one of them (no one is perfect but I feel like I am pretty non judgemental towards other individuals--it's another story when talking about corps, etc).
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When my dd was younger I would have benn judgemental about it, though I wouldn't have given any looks and would have tried not to let it show. Now that my dd is older I really don't care what other parents do. I would assume that your child needed to be in a stroller for a reason.
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When I was teaching Kg at a school located in the heart of a major city, there were many students who arrived and left each day under their own footpower. From time to time there were kindergartners who left via stroller. To be honest, I was entirely baffled by this and, yes, judgmental. In my opinion they really ought not to have been in strollers. Especially the one little girl who would plop down and bark orders at her mom - "I want strawberries!"

When I see older kids in strollers now, I'm probably in the same boat at those who have said their first thought is to raise an eyebrow, but then either I think to myself there could be a reason for it...or I get distracted and my mind goes to something else.

If I were you, I'd just try to forget about any looks you might get.
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It might strike me as unusual enough that I might look twice. Then I'd forget all about it. Seriously-- who really cares?

I'm so done with judging other parents. Done.

FWIW, my five year old doesn't ride in a stroller really, except sometimes in places like the zoo where there's a LOT of walking, sometimes she'll get really tired and take a turn in the stroller while DD2 or DS walk. And I think that's fine. And I can't imagine what I'd say if I found out somebody was getting judgmental about it.
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I would probably assume the child had some sort of special needs that required a stroller or made it useful.

I tutored and student taught a 4th-6th grade special education class for 3 years during high school. On field trips we often got a few 'looks' because two of the children needed to use strollers for the greater part of the trips. Most people didn't bat an eye though.

We got one comment once from another child at a zoo. He asked why they were in a stroller and made the comment that they didn't "look like anything was wrong with them". The mom quickly apologized and explained (very appropriately) that sometimes some people have different needs than he does even if they don't necessarily look different than him.

Honestly, it's a kid in a stroller...it doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me so I'm kind of surprised that anyone would think anything judgmental about it.
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Originally Posted by CarrieMF View Post
I'd wonder why they didn't get a wagon, they're easier & a better workout for the person pulling than a stroller.lol They can carry more stuff, easy to clean & you don't have to worry about weight restrictions.
I find pulling a wagon hurts my shoulder and puts my pack out. I have a Chariot stroller that my 5.5 dd rides in. I can get groceries by her feet, behind the stroller and on top of the stroller. Plus when it rains she stays completely dry!

OP: I figure people have no trouble putting their kid in a car to go and do errands, a stroller is an environmentally friendly method of transportation.

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Wouldn't even think twice about it honestly.
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I will admit, ashamedly, that I would probably think the mom needed to be a little tougher on the kid, and perhaps roll my eyes. This is clearly not acceptable and I should think more, especially considering the rudeness I've encountered with my son's SN. Hugs to you. Even if someone rolls their eyes just ignore them. There are a lot of kids in strollers who should be walking, and there are a lot of parents in public indulging little kids inappropriately, but if you are comfortable with your choices, and you know they serve your DD's needs, then screw whatever everyone thinks.
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Honestly - I'd inwardly groan (initially)... then I'd quickly remember that my own 7.5 year old was in a stroller until she was 5 and a bit.

And then I'd blush.
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I wouldn't really think anything of it. My good friend brings her 5 yr old ds home from pre-K every day in a stroller (he's exhausted and cranky by that point and the stroller is what works best). I used to take my dd to and from pre-K in the stroller almost all the time last year (though she was only 4... but very big for her age).
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My 5 yo rides in our double jogging stroller all the time. We walk a lot with our dog and also to and from the boys' school; sometimes DS1 rides his bike or scooter, but sometimes he's too tired to ride back and forth all around our neighborhood. He fits just fine in the jogging stroller and I don't think it looks odd for him to be riding in there at his age. I might think it was a little odd to see a 5 year old in a smaller stroller, like an umbrella stroller, if the child clearly did not fit comfortably in there, but I wouldn't really give it a second thought.
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I've seen older kids in strollers, and I always assume the parents have a reason for it. I really don't think about it.
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Thank you all for the replies. We have a wagon and use it a lot for short trips to the playground, but it's inconvenient on longer walks because it's very loud and therefore we can't talk to each other (she has a lot on her mind, and is very talkative - it drives me crazy when I can't hear what she's saying). We have a big jogging stroller and also an umbrella stroller, both of which she fits comfortably. But now that you all mention it, it might be a good idea to abandon the umbrella stroller. Good tip

Now that she's kindergarten age, the differences between her and other kids are a little more pronounced. For example, all the other 5 year olds are cruising the neighborhood on bikes, some with and some without training wheels. My dd cannot pedal and doesn't have the balance for the pedal free bike we got for her.

She's not as fast or as coordinated as other kids on the playground (which, thankfully, she's totally oblivious to). Fortunately, the kids around us are great. They never tease and they love that my husband or I always join the games (we join so she can tag us and not be it forever).

Being in the stroller is one more thing that sets her apart I guess. She's not aware of it, but I am. I guess it just occurred to me to start feeling self conscious. I'm used to doing what's best for her, though, and certainly will continue regardless of what others think.
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My son will be 5 in September, and the only way I can walk to the grocery store with him is to take the stroller. It's not that far away, but we have to cross a busy, dangerous street with a fast light to get to it, and he's not coordinated to make it across the street fast enough. I have physical difficulties that prevent me from just picking him up and scurrying across with him (not to mention that it would be difficult doing that while carrying groceries on the way home). I see tons of kids his size, and bigger, riding in strollers here. Sometimes, my almost 7 year old who is the size of an average 9 year old will hop in too, since it's a double stroller and she doesn't much like crossing that street either. A lot of people here don't drive or only have one car for the family, so the stroller isn't a convenience for the parent so much as a mode of transportation.
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I wouldnt even think twice about it....my seven year old recently had a hip injury and we put him in the baby seat in the cart ) the little front seat facing you...he is smallish for his age too....) at the grocery store cause I didnt want him to have to walk on it, for the hour we usually end up in there. Same child, used to like to be pushed in the stroller on long walks at about age 5 and he is perfectly healthy, so you never know...

Shame on those dirty looks!
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