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June Portland Thread

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Anyone up for posting in June? I know I've been pretty bad at it. Only checking my DDC lately.

How is everyone?
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SO glad we had some sun today! Our garden has needed some serious weeding, but I'm not super fond of pulling weeds in the rain. Got some major cleaning done around the house... Everything just feels better when the sun is out
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Subbing. Our house is *finally* on the market up here. So hopefully at some point this summer we'll be looking for a rental either around NW for elbow room from neighbors or uber cheap in SW... So if anyone knows anyone looking to rent a 3bed/2ba 1500sf+ place (homeschooling family of 6 - no way would we be able to do 900-1100sf, oof) down there at some point and wouldn't mind me ripping up yard to put in garden space, yeah.
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Finally some nice weather again.

I don't think I'll be starting the July thread...
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