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Today marks 20 pounds down!!! :D

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I just wanted to celebrate my small victory with someone, and no one IRL seems to care much.

I was 5'8" and weighed 189 pounds in mid March (after three babies) and was horrified. None of my clothes were fitting me, I looked puffy. DP proposed to me and we set our wedding date for August 14, this summer. I knew there would be no better motivation than to look good in my wedding dress, so now was the time to lose the weight I'd been wanting to lose since I had baby #3.

My husband is the kind of guy who thinks I look just stunningly beautiful no matter what. I look in the mirror and see fat and frumpy and he sees sexy and beautiful. I don't know how! So as supportive as he is, it's easy to not care when you know your husband doesn't think you look bad at all. But for myself I wanted to look better. I set a goal weight of between 150 and 159 for August 14, which is still about 15 pounds more than I weighed when I first got pregnant at 21 years old. But I have to give some leeway for the widened hips. (Did I mention DH is a baker who bakes cookies, homemade bread, cakes, etc? Suicide for a diet!)

I also have a very competitive family of females. Everyone's a little hefty after they have babies and no one really wants the others to lose weight because everyone is pretty fixated on looking the best. I'll never forget my mom's behavior when I was down my first 12 pounds. She brought DS (who was 7 months old at the time with not a single tooth) a huge bucket of candy for easter and said with a saccharine smile "I don't want to mess up your diet or anything!" Rrrgggg. (My mom lost about 70 pounds within the last two years by loading up on protein supplements and hardly eating anything, so I think she was really enjoying her role as the thinnest female between herself, my sister, and I and was threatened by my weight loss).

I started by cutting out pop completely. No pop, EVER. I drink nothing but water - all day, every day now. I attribute that initial 7 or so pounds just to that. (I was a serious Mountain Dew addict!). I detoxed from the caffeine (which is hard and miserable for me!), and made a weight loss spreadsheet to keep track of all the factors affecting weight loss - like having a period, stress, exercising, food intake for the day, special circumstances, sleep, and kept track each day of how much I weighed. (There were definitely disappointing days in the process, so maybe I should have stuck to weighing myself a few times a week, but I couldn't stop). I cut out the processed foods and fast foods entirely (although I wasn't a huge fast food consumer to start with - uck!). I started eating lots of salad and grilled meats, lots of protein (after reading the Bradley Method birth book and seeing how good protein is for the body!), and Special K protein meal bars fill gaps in my diet (like breakfast, which I either never have time for or don't feel like eating at all!). We started our garden and are growing tons of produce (pesticide-free!). We have a huge berry tree in our backyard and wild strawberries growing along our entire yard. I began keeping almost all my carb intake between 12-4pm in the day, and eating light dinners and not snacking after dinner. I also began exercising - a standard set I created for myself and then the additional tae bo 4-5 times a week (or more).

Today I weigh 169. I have gone from a size 16 pants to a size 12. (I ordered my wedding dress back in March in a size 12 as an additional motivation to keep going with the weight loss). I've gone from an XL in shirts to a M. I feel a thousand times better! My tummy looks almost flat!!! I am in the toning process right now. DH is very encouraging about the weight loss, because he knows I need him to be. But everyone else IRL really seems to either not notice, not care, or be even resentful. Especially my family. My sister lives on a diet of ho-hos and Butterfingers and she is now larger than ever, and I will be seeing her in a couple weeks at my niece's birthday party. I know she will have something critical to say about my weight loss, and my mom will too, for sure. It's disappointing, but it's also satisfying in a lot of ways. I also go to college with a bunch of 19-year-old girls (I'm 26, so it's not fair! lol) and nothing will make you feel fatter than tiny little sickly thin girls walking around you all day! So while I'm not a tiny little sickly thin girl, I am a lot healthier and happier this way. My blood pressure went from 150/95 to 117/69.

So I just wanted to share my story maybe as motivation or just for a pat on the back.

Good luck all weight-loss mommies!
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Congrats! 20 pounds gone is quite an accomplishment, and I'm sorry your family is not celebrating with you. Keep it up and you will be fitting in that wedding dress in no time!
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Congrats! 20 lbs isn't a small victory - that's how much I hope to lose, and will be ecstatic if I do! Your story is very inspirations, so thank you for sharing. I am going very, very low carb, high protein, zero sugar (ahh!), no overly-processed foods, veggies, certain fruits, etc. starting on Monday and am excited but also nervous about missing my favorite foods. I know it will be good for me, though, I just need to stick it out and see how my body responds.

Anyhow, try not to worry about what your family thinks - what matters is how you feel about your body, and it sounds like you are happy, so that's wonderful.
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Congratulations on your success! Your story is very inspiring and motivating!
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Congrats, mama! What an amazing accomplishment! Keep up the great work! Doesn't a size 12 feel great. You may have to alter your wedding dress if you keep losing weight....
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Yay writteninkursive! Your story is amazing and inspiring. I really enjoyed reading it.

Drummerswife, I'm starting tomorrow too I haven't exercised since before I had Honeybun and I've been eating terribly It's time for a change
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Congratulations, that's good news!

As for nobody IRL celebrating with you: it can be a bit unsettling for people close to you, either making them aware of their "body issues" or making them afraid to lose their "status" of the thinnest girl around. (You said it: "My mom lost about 70 pounds within the last two years by loading up on protein supplements and hardly eating anything, so I think she was really enjoying her role as the thinnest female between herself, my sister, and I and was threatened by my weight loss.").

I lost about 16kg / ca. 35lbs since my birthday in May last year (!, not this year of course!), down from 95kg /ca. 209lbs and didn't have a fan-club in my family, either. My "baby" was 5y old at the time, BTW!

Yes, a size 12 at 5'8" does feel good. I'm sending all of you some !
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That is awesome!! Congratulations!!!
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Way to go!
You have all of us who truly celebrate your success and believe in your ability to go all the way to your goal.
20 pounds is awesome. AND I just want to say that kicking Mountain Dew is an incredible accomplishment. I had a Diet Pepsi habit that I kicked 20 years ago and still remember how hard it was.
Your mom and sisters may not care about your healthy lifestyle changes but rest assured, your kids are watching and you are setting an excellent example for them!
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Way to go!!!

sorry the females in your life are being so unsupportive! Try to tune it out, or flip it around on them. If your mom comments, you should definitely play the clueless devoted card "I just admire you SO much mom, and the weight you've lost that you've totally INSPIRED me to be a healthier person and try to look my best. I definitely want to look as good as you when I'm your age... blah blah blah" If your sister is snarky I would just ignore, knowing that she's a sick and wounded person, and she feels threatened by you becoming a healthier person.

You're AWESOME!!! Keep it up!
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Yes, 20 lbs is a HUGE victory! Way To Go!!
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Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great accomplishment. I am so excited for you!!!!
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