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Not fair

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Ugh. I went through morning (all day) sickness through the first tri. I accept it then because that was the biggest of my problems. But in the third tri, I am already big as a house. I have swollen feet, a sore back, I'm up 200 times a night peeing, and the "is it real labor or not?" is driving me crazy. And now I can't keep anything down. I have thrown up 90% of everything I've eaten in the last week and as of yesterday nothing sounds good. I'm sitting here dizzy because my blood sugar is low, but the thought of eating anything at all just makes me sick to my stomach. I have even entertained the idea of just going out and buying whatever I think I can eat, so I'm not even limited to what is in my house. I lost a pound in the 2 weeks between my 34 and 36 week appointments, which is a very good thing, but it definitely shows how little I've been eating lately.

I just feel so worn down. Today my whole body hurts, I'm crampy, and just plain crabby. We got a lot of our "to do" list done yesterday, but there's still a couple really biggies that we still have to get done (ie baby clothes out of the attic and washed) before I can go into labor. Dh works tonight until 8pm and promised to help me when he gets home.

I just want to eat and enjoy it. I don't even care if it stays down. I just want SOMETHING to taste good.
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You sound rather dehydrated. That is exactly how I feel when I am. I even pee more often than if I'm hydrated. Have some watermelon?
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Oh, hugs, mama! I can only imagine. I've been dealing with awful nausea on and off throughout the whole pregnancy and I'm done, done, DONE with it.

I know this probably sounds like a PITA about now, but I got some funky chinese herb tea mixed up by my acupucnturist and it helps tons and tons. More than anything else and I tried EVERYTHING.

Take care, ok?
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Watermelon sounds ghastly right now. lol We had some last weekend and it was good, but now the thought of it makes me gag. The kids were actually eating some this morning and I went to throw away the bag that it had been in and honestly did gag at the thought of the taste. Weird, huh?

I've been trying to get a lot of water in. I know that just by throwing up so much I'll get more dehydrated.

I have been able to keep down a Coke, a popsicle, and a snack size Three Musketeers bar today. Fabulous nutrients for a growing baby, right?
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That sounds miserable. If I were throwing up that much I'd be calling my mw, but I am so not into vomiting. LOL Have you tried having like half a packet of Emergen-C and sipping on that? It works really well for any tummy issues and dehydration issues I have. I hope you can figure out something that your (squashed) tummy wants! You must be really close mama.
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calories first, nutrition second. if you can keep down popsicles then have dh go to store and buy you a big ole box of popsicles. if you can tolerate the real juice ones, all the better. call doc/midwife monday. nausea and stomach issues are not unusual in the 3rd trimester but vomiting this much really isn't ok.
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Arg! Dang Nausea, don't we suffer enough! The one comfort I get right now is eating anything my little heart desires. I've been dealing with the "is this it?" thing all week. Especially today, contractions every 10 minutes that don't go anywhere! So frustrating. Well, if you think of something that sounds good, go for it! I really hope your nausea improves, I highly recommend zofran for that, it works wonders! Hopefully baby will come asap and then all your worries will be over.
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My first two babies did this--it's like there just wasn't room in there, so I was nauseated a lot and threw up a lot the last week or two. Yuck.

This time, I'm just throwing up in the mornings, which is much better, though it started up again at around 30 weeks (after a nice break from 15-30 weeks?).

Pregnancies are weird.
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