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How we educate....

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I realize this forum is focused on helping individual people with the circumcision decision more than it is a forum of and for intactivists....but when we are trying to help a woman decide for her son or helping a mother to be help sway her husband...we are promoting the normal state of a child - intact - and we are educating.

I found this blog post very helpful in thinking about how we help to educate others. I hope it's of some help here.

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I really like her blogs
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Thank you for the link. My g/f and I are trying to find better ways to educate and this has been great!
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Eric, I'm glad it's helped.
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I'm a big fan of the dr momma blog, too.
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Here is the authors youtube channel:

a very articulate young woman and very thoughtful videos.
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so how do you bring it up? my standard question is: what have you found in researching circumcision? the only way i can think to turn it around a bit is to say: have you found out how important the human prepuce (aka foreskin) is?


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