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~~** Weekly Chit Chat - June 6-12 **~~

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It's a new week!! I'm sure more BFPs will be rolling on in.

Who's starting to feel pregnant?
I'm 4w5d, waiting for the first waves of nauseau to hit, although yesterday my energy level totally crashed about mid day.

I'm trying to get things done around the house before I'm out of commission for a while. I cleaned out the closet for the new babe that we've been storing tools etc in. We've been renovating our house (actually my inlaws house that we moved into) since last Novemeber. We need to get the rest of downstairs painted and the kitchen updated before this babe comes for sure, otherwise it'll never get done!
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Well, I'm 3w4d (that just sounds too early to even know!) I'm gassy and I have had heartburn for the past 3 nights. I'm exhausted also, but that's all. And can I pretty please share my 11dpo pic?
With my chemical I couldn't pass a stupid digi test, so it was very stressful for me to even take one today. I am overjoyed and it's starting to sink in that I AM PREGNANT!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!
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I totally hear you on the energy thing. I think I am 5w1d and I get tired later in the afternoons; unfortunately that is when I work (I teach karate 4-8).

we are trying to sell our house, so I feel like all I do is clean. But lately I have been getting the place clean early in the Am and working out early AM so that has helped keep things in order and make it so that I can just crash when I get back from work.

DH is telling the "difficult" family members sometime today or tomorrow...not looking forward to that but want to get it over with.
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Mommytoallh - on the awesome test! I'm still taking them too! I've been taking them every other day since 9dpo and today i'm 19DPO and the test line was so much darker than the control, it's like it almost stole the dye away from the control line which is almost faint!

Carrie - on selling a house. UGH. We sold our house last summer, afte rbeing on the market for almost 6 months and having a TON of showings. Oy.....it SUCKED so much. I hope it sells quickly for you.
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Hello all!

Carrie, it sucks to be doing all that cleaning.

I got my BFP today, it's faint but it's there. On two tests, because I just couldn't believe it was true.
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Congrats to our new soon to be February 2011 mamas!

I'm 5w3d and I think the "morning" sickness set in yesterday. Perhaps it won't stick and is just a trial run. Ugh. But I'm so happy about it! I even told my acupuncturist that I didn't want her to treat the nausea. I'm strange I know.

So anyone have any good ideas for getting through this hot, hot, hot summer without melting?

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carrie- We're trying to sell our house too, so I can very much relate to all the work that is involved. Good luck! Have you found a place or are you house hunting as well?

finnegansmom- I can related to the energy crashing, oy! Good luck finishing up those projects!

mommytoallh- Great test! Grow baby grow!! I keep taking them as well and just love seeing the lines get darker and darker.

Twinklefae- Congrats on your BFP!!

Jenne- I am tempted to buy a blow up pool for the back yard, the weather is ridiculous here. Good luck with nausea, the heat certainly does not help!

AFM- I'm 5w2d and feeling very tired all of the time and have been having waves of nausea all week. It does not help that the humidity is so high here! I won't say I love the nausea but does reassure me that everything is working the way that it should!
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I have super low energy levels as well and so little appetite. I never had nausea with DS and I hope I won't suffer from it now either. I just can't eat. It's somehow all appalling.
DH has a crazy schedule this month but my parents are here and entertain DS a lot... DS very much is insisting on his nursings and so far it's not uncomfy yet.
While my parents play with DS, I'm finishing my preemie and newborn covers that I'm making, I'm building a newborn stash for this baby (DS was in Pampers til 6 months). It's fun but exhausting at this point too. Oh well, it will be awfully cute though!
I'm getting antsy about my appointment, but have to wait til the 17th, in the meantime we'll go to Yellowstone and Teton to burn time for me...
I still have preggo tests left (bought bulk!) so I take one every morning and since yesterday the test line is darker than the control line, which sort of reassures me against all logic...
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Hi all!

finnegansmom--I've got a bunch of stuff around the house I want to do too (like clean it ). You sound like you're doing better than me...my head is too much in the clouds right now to make any real progress.

mommytoallh--Congrats! I love looking at other people's BFPs.

carrie and burg--Good luck on selling your houses...that's a ton of work and I hope it's over soon!

Twinklefae--Congrats on your BFP!

Jenne--I'm happy about the morning sickness right now too. Means really wonderful things are happening in there. Give me a couple weeks though, and I'll be moaning and griping all day...

nia82--How nice that your parents are there to play with your son while you build up your stash! Newborn cloth is the cutest. stuff. ever.

I'm still peeing on sticks too. The day after I got my BFP on an IC I got a 'Not Pregnant' on a digital. I'd already peed on 3 ICs by then, all +, and pretty dark I thought for so early. I guess it was just a fluke...I used another digital the same day and it was positive, and many more ICs which have been darker everyday. Today's was just a couple shades lighter than the control. And I am really starting to feel it today, want to go curl up in bed and snoooooze.
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still waiting on a BFP but i've been feeling pretty nauseous this afternoon. no appetite (typical at the beginning of preg for me), gassy and bloated, I'm 8dpo today and I did test and i *thought* there may be a tiny line. but idk.
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carrie- We're trying to sell our house too, so I can very much relate to all the work that is involved. Good luck! Have you found a place or are you house hunting as well?
We have some places in mind but we have been on the market 6 months, and, despite tons of work and major price drops, no movement in this area really. I think it mainly has to do with the below average school district here, surrounded by great districts. We aren't interested in going much lower (we are the second lowest of the competition houses anyway), so its a patience game right now I guess.

congrats to our new members!

and keeping the lurkers in our thoughts!
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I've suspected for a few days, confirmed this morning...dark, fast positive! I woke my boyfriend up, swinging the test around right in front of his eyes. We're still letting it sink in. I told a few close girlfriends who would figure me out, and I told my mom, but waiting to tell the world at large until we hear a heartbeat and/or I start showing, whichever comes first.

This feels imminent, permanent, like when I was pregnant with my kids that I carried to term. Oh.My. GOSH!!!!! Really? Another baby?! SWEET!

EDD day before Valentine's Day.

Feeling pretty good except for mild to moderate, uncomfortable heartburn for days that I can't get rid of, ravenous once the heat of the day starts to break, crampy uterus and ligament stretching. Yoga feels soooooooo good right now. So.Happy to be here!
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hi all! im from the TTC board, im just here to let you know to brace yourselves for an influx of TTCr's we have about 6 girls testing this week. and iv got a good feeling.

congrats to all you feb mamas!!!!!!
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Im so tired and cranky, poor kids. They aren't happy mommy isn't doing all the fun stuff she usually does with them. Im having a lot of bouts with nausea, especially when Im nursing. I came really close to throwing up this morning when I was nursing my daughter.

Other than that, Im going to be glad when the end of July comes and I can go in for an appointment. I love hearing the baby's heartbeat. Oh, anyone else's DPs teasing them about twins? Mine thinks its soo funny to tease me, ALL THE TIME!
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Ladies I am with you on the no energy front. Yesterday I kept thinking, "how will I ever get anything done?"

I go back to grad school tomorrow, luckily its only one class this semester instead of my usual 3. We are renting a beach house in Galveston with friend the 13-20 which is exciting but also means I have to get a week ahead in my classes. I am mostly looking forward to my ultrasound the day after we get back!

Looking forward to the TTC invasion; fingers crossed for all of you ladies!
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I hope we'll see some new members soon

@ Okimom: DH totally teases me about the twin thing. It doesn't run in either family, but you know, he is just a teaser. The dark test lines on the test mean to him it's two babies, but it was the same with DS. He just loves to scare me I guess (how would I ever take care of twins???? that must be sooo hard!)
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Congrats twinklefae & tresa!

Funny about all the post bfp testing! I used up all my frer, I have 1 digi (which I am saving for my bff) and 6 ic that I think I will used every other day. I would love to see an as dark or darker test line!

Well, today is my first day of decaf I'm sure I will be feeling it later! I have been down to only 1 cup for months now - but still that first wake me up cup... Oh well, it's all worth it.

Speaking of coffee, what are you ladies giving up now that you have your bfp? For me it's caffeine, soft cheeses, alcohol, sushi, deli meats unless they are hot, I don't smoke or take any meds so I am all set there.

Oh and we have a pool and I plan to cool off this summer in there - however it is challenging relaxing in the pool with 5 kids!
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I'm probably going to continue having a cup of tea in the morning, though as time progresses I may switch to something decaf.

I'll be giving up alcohol, and that's about it. I really don't eat much that's 'dangerous' during pregnancy, like sushi with fish in it (I only eat veggie) and soft cheeses.
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I gave up red bulls (used to drink two a day) and Adderall (for my ADD, used to take 2 day). I gave them both up when we started TTC in January and let me just say, it was hard to get out of bed the first week lol. School has been very difficult without my ADD meds but I am "making it work" as Tim Gunn would say.
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Amy, have you read up on how coffee is made into decaf? I haven't, but I've read on here that some people say it's pretty sketchy...I'm assuming a lot of chemicals, etc. I need to research it...I LOVE my morning coffee (or two). Love it. I've thought about changing to decaf then wonder if decaf is worse than 1 cup of regular? I'm drinking a cup now (reg). Can't start my day without it.... (I start the coffee before I go to the bathroom!)

As for giving up, I've stopped drinking wine. I miss wine. I don't eat fish or meat anyway, or raw cheese. I try to cut back on processed foods, and I try to drink more water during the day, I'm really bad about staying hydrated. I also need to take time out of the day to relax and just sit down with my feet up. I tend to always need to be doing something and I never can relax (whenever I stop for a minute, I think Oh I should be folding laundry, I should be cleaning the bathroom, I should be.....)
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