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Happy Heiny's

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I just had to give a rave for Kenny's Happy Heiny's Red PUL outer diaper. It is my FIRST velcro closure WAHM-made diaper that I have kept. I am not a velcro closure kind of momma, but this one came very well constructed, the tabs don't 'roll' at the velcro and they are neatly sewn. I also like that there are no leg casings, but the fleece does not roll out.

You can see it here. I had heard of HHs for a good while on the Diapering Forum and finally, after a year :LOL , decided to toss my negativity towards velcro and give it a try. I got mine directly from Linda and she got it out the next day.

Kenny has worn it several times since then - no leaks whatsoever. At first I was worried that the thighs didn't fit right - b/c they gaped, but then we just stuffed it with the inner cpf folded to be wider and it was a perfect fit. I like the high cut on the leg . . . and the velcro adjusts perfectly to his waist with much room to grow. Planning on getting a few more for church nursery and when we are out and about.

Happy Heiny's - www.happyheinys.com
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There are two types of diapers that I NEVER wanted for my baby.....a pocket diaper and one with velcro closures. Well, that was until I got my first Happy Heiny's diaper from Linda.

The diaper I bought from her is too cute for words! I got the primary snake print, and I am so happy with it. The fit was wonderful, and I was extremely pleased with how well it works. I am typically a wool kind of gal, but for going out and about and for under certain clothes, I like PUL instead. I also usually prefer a fitted diaper and cover, but these are a great addition to any hyena's diaper stash! :LOL

This diaper has fast become one of our favorites for those who are "cloth-diaper challenged" in our house as well. Even my dh can figure these ones out!

I really like everything about these diapers, the fit, the function, and the print!
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I too am not a pocket or velcro fan. Velcro for the obvious reasons and pockets b/c I can't reuse them like I can w/an AIO w/snap in soakers if baby just pees.

However, I do have 2 Happy Heinys and I like them a lot. The Tinkerbell print was the first cloth diaper to arrive for my 2yo and she was so excited! Character prints are the only reason I got her to switch to cloth from sposies at 2yo.

I stuff my Large HH w/a premium CPF quarter folded and it's just about held up for 12 hours at night. If I add a little extra - we're there! Dry in the a.m.

I've had no problems w/leg wicking or gaping myself.
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I think that these diapers are very well made, and the prints are great (I have one of my all-time favorite prints, a green frog Lennon). They are relatively trim (though quite poofy in the butt). However, they have never worked for us without major leaks. It is possible that the large is too big for my tall and skinny son, but the diaper appears to fit. In general, pocket diapers have not worked well for us (sold our PT fuzzi bunz after a couple of months of regular yet unpredictable wicking). I gave one of my HH away, and the other I use for a swim diaper, which it works well as.

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I had the new laminated print dipes and they are very cute and well made. they were shipped fast and linda is great to work with.i to am not a fan of velcro but i gave these a whirl. my son who is a very fat and short baby so he has a short rise so i had gapping issues the mediums would have fit him in the rise but not in the waist... so great diaper just not a good fit on my odd shaped child....
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I really do like these diapers, they are cute and the fit was pretty good. But we did have problems with breastfed baby poo leaking out the legs. I don't know if we had a bad fit or what but it happened twice. I use these when I know my child isn't going to poop or at night. And they do hold up wonderfully at night. And Linda is great. Very nice and good customer service.
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I love these pocket diapers, and switched from Fuzzi Bunz to the HH because I just love the prints, the velcro, the consistant quality ect.... The new laminated PUL is a wonderful improvment, and we have had no leaks or wicking and we use these babies overnight! They do get a bit "poofy" when stuffed for overnight, but it is not as bulky as a fitted or prefolds with a wool cover, so it is still my favorite option.
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I had no interest in pocket dipes, liking cotton hemp and wool, but got two HHs to try for nighttime use. Wow! I am impressed. These are not hot inside (we aren't in a hot climate, though) and the top fleece layer feels dry all night while the hemp soaker I stuffed it with saturates. This diaper gave me the longest stretch of sleep ever last night... I usually wake to change my 14-month-old at least two times because he hates feeling his wet diaper against his skin.

The diaper has bright, clear colors and prints and the velcro is wide and easy to close. I am not a velcro fan, but this I like. These are really nice diapers!
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I use mostly Fuzzi Bunz, and just used a HH for the first time on my daughter today. So far, so good! No leaks, and her booty was dry when I took the dipe off. I've never had that with any other dipe, including 'sposies. Linda is an awsome momma too, so that's a big in my book.
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These are my absolute favorite pocket dipes!! We have 1 of the first style, 1 with leg casings and 8 of the most recent style (only 2 are the new laminated PUL). We love them all.

Cute prints, great fleece. We use them in the day and at night too. They always keep DD's bum DRY!!

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Big success last night with my 41 lb 3.5 yo who still pees all night. (That's a lot of pee, mamas.)

His XL Happy Heiny's kept him dry, pajamas dry, bed dry, and still looked cute in the morning.

He is very excited about the cute prints, and I'm glad that is taking some of the negativity out of our pt relationship.

I also have a pocket trainer... will edit this post with more info once we use it.

But whew, that big boy pee stanks!
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I am an HH convert! We had been using FBs at night but they started leaking, and the M size was too small when stuffed even though DD only weighs 16 lbs. We now have M and L HHs....the M fits great. The Ls are on the cusp of being too big, but we use them anyway because the prints are CUTE and we can stuff them to the gills (hemp) and they still fit (although they go down past her knees - but she's not walking in bed so that's okay!). The most important thing: she and our bed are not soaked in the morning!
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i have a one HH for Ella and i really like it, it's the only aplix diaper i like! I've never had a leak!

i also have a few for my 3 yr old who still need to wear a diaper at night, and she really likes the prints, and she's a super soaker, so i need something that can work and these do!

i plan on buying more for Ella, i would have more but all the prints i really love are usually sold out in her size! Poor timing on my part.
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I just used my 1st HH for the night-----it was outstanding! I stuffed it with a CPF and a doubler (I was nervous). DD's heiny was dry even tho the diaper was soaked in the am. AWESOME. It was my first pocket style dipe, I plan to pick up some more so I can use them more often.
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I have been a fan of Happy Heiny's since they first came out a year and a half ago. Linda's diapers have proven to be effective, easy to use and adorable. Her quality control is fantastic and she offers customer support directly if you have any problems (rather than a 'customer service agent' or deferring you to the retailer from where you purchased it). These are the only aplix diapers I own. They never scratch my son's legs or belly like so many others I've tried. We even have a trainer that we use for a swim diaper. Her products are top notch and I highly recommend trying one if you haven't yet.
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I absolutely adore my HH... Umm, I mean Zacharyand Kimberly both love HH!! LOL...
We bought 2 pocket trainers for kimber, and although they were a bit too small (child must have gotten her thighs from me!), she would choose them over sposie trainers every time I asked. She loved putting them on, wearing them and would talk nonstop about how beautiful and soft they were. (And they are!)
The trainers have plenty of room for stuffing, as long as your hands are small, but dads might have problems stuffing trainers...

The HH dipes I bought for Zack have turned out to be my favorite investment, even more worth it than an aristocrat! (And I LOVE my aristocrat!) They are gorgeous prints, soft on the inside and they keep my bed dry!! More importantly, weve never had an early morning breastfed poop leak out of a HH. That was a huge issue with the Aristocrat, a wet dipe just doesnt "catch" the poo before it rages downstream and out a leg or up the back... Just not happened with our HH, the fleece is great at catching it and giving me a few minutes to change him.

Lindas customer service is awesome, as is that of her retailers that Ive dealt with. This is a top quality product, and one dipe I love to show off!
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I bought some HH's way back when they had an inner layer of PUL. They were so cute and I loved the look, but eventually sold them off to a mothering.com mama due to wicking issues. When I heard about the new laminated ones I had to give them another try. I LOVE them! Ds (a super soaker) wakes up dry in the morning. I invested in a bunch more, b/c they are now the workhorse of my "idiot proof diaper system" meaning that dh, the sitter or anyone else who is doing the changing doesn't have a problem with figuring these babies out and getting a good fit. And they are *so* cute (and we all know how important that is in a diaper. ).

If you do have an issue with the diapers, Linda is a dream to deal with for any customer service.

2 thumbs way, way up!
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Happy Heiny's prints

I heard raves about Happy Heinys and bought a print off of ebay that that works great (the older three layer kind). I recently purchased two new bug prints that are 'crunchy' - way stiff! The back where the elastic is sewn in is scratchy and I just can't see using this one on my boy. I contacted Linda to let her know and she did explain the difference in that print (that the bug print was worse than the others) but I still think I'll sell them because I can't possibly put something so rough on my baby. Maybe I'll try her solid PUL's because I've heard they are great.
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I have a solid PUL and it does feel much softer than the prints I have. They are not "crunchy," but just a little stiff. I like the way the elastic is sewn in the solid better than in the print too, straight across instead of the zig-zag, but Im not sure if thats the way all of them are done.
The differences (how Linda explained) comme from the fact that the solids are knit and the prints are woven, but they are both cotton...

Also, to avoid the gathered back from being irritating I usually pull a bit of the fleece through so its between DS and the gathers. I like that only fleece touches him, and havent had a wicking problem because of it.
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I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted these to work. They are soooo cute and well made. Linda was great to work with.

But, I just could not get a good fit. But, I will try again later.
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