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Elk City and Southwest OKlahoma

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My family just recently moved to Elk City in Southwestern Oklahoma. I am hoping to find a local doctor that is AP/Natural friendly. Anywhere nearby - Clinton, Weatherford, Sayre, etc...

I am also hoping to find local families, and potentially a babysitter on the occasional Saturday night.

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Hi, this is an old thread, but I thought I'd take a chance and see if you ever found any resources in SW Oklahoma? I grew up there, and haven't lived there since 1991, but it's possible I may be moving back with my husband and young son. Looking for resources for us--which may be a long shot... AP/natural doc; good school; etc....I am thinking home schooling may be the answer, but wondering about the chance of finding a homeschooling community so my son wouldn't miss out on socializing... Do I sound worried? haha

Thanks in advance, if this message finds you... 


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