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bananabee- Here's some good BF'ing vibes for you!!!
Ouch on the stitches, And I feel your pain too. I tore inside and it was so painful getting numbed up for the stitching! Something that really pissed me off about the whole thing was that the Dr. asked if I wanted morphine..YES MORPHINE..to help with the pain. She then said, and these are her exact words,: "I can give you morphine for the pain but you will be extremely out of it and wont be able to hold or bond with your baby." WHAT?! Are you seriously offering me that..lets see, drugs or bonding time, hmmmm!! Thanks but hell no! And she kept asking me over and over again. So for the sake of bonding time with my baby SOBER, I gladly took the lidocaine & stitches morphine-free without hesitation!

So, my days are pretty filled with healing and taking care of 3 kiddies. I have to say it's gonna take some time to get use to..lol. Luckily DH has been AMAZING. He does just as much, if not more, than I have. The ladybug is doing good, even better now that she's gone poopie. She was given formula for the first day because my milk just wasn't coming in. Well it's in and I think the switch stopped her up because she wasn't poo'ing. Well she had a blowout, for the first time since Tuesday, last night. I never thought seeing or smelling a big poopie diaper would ever make me happy, lol.
Big hugs to the still preggo June buggies! Hang in there guys and enjoy the little bit of 'free time' that you still have!!

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I'm glad you guys are posting again, even if I'm totally envious that you all have babies
Seriously though, I was getting depressed that not only did I not have a baby but no one was even posting on the weekly thread!! So yes, come post with me again, keep me entertained!
I had an NST and AFI today, and baby passed both with flying colors, and both the nurse and U/S tech were really respectful about the fact that I did NOT want to be there, so it ended up not being nearly as bad as I had anticipated. So, my chart has my EDD as the 3rd instead of the 1st so I pretty much just sit and wait for a baby sometime between now and Thursday. She risks out at 42 weeks, so I SERIOUSLY hope I have a baby before then. I think we'll try more "home induction" things on Tues/Weds before just risking out, but it's sucky to have a looming date either way....
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MM - Sending you labor vibes! And big hugs

I haven't thought to post here either! Of course i've been sleeping a LOT lately. I have to say, its much easier with the girls' being older then it was having a 2 year old running around! They are so helpful and dad can take them to the pool and park or they are content staring at their baby brother and helping with diaper changes. I am sooooo blessed!

I hate to admit it, but i'm feeling great. This was my easiest birth and easiest recovery. Had a slight abrasion like tear, but it never hurt and was already healing itself 2 hours after birth. I bought a bunch of peri wash and sitz bath, and i've not even had to use it. It would figure lol. BUT my nipples are a mess. DS has a hellaciously strong suck and my nipples are not thrilled with the scabbing and bleeding. I told dh that once you've breastfed once, you shouldn't have to go through getting them use to it all over again. But it's also been 3.5 years since i've nursed a babe.

Ryder is a tummy sleeper. We finally figure it out last night and both hit ourselves in the head. He was having tough nights and wasn't sleeping at all unless in arms. We were zombies, then last night we tried laying him on his tummy in his little bassinet and like magic he slept in 3 hour stretches. Such a relief, i was really worried about colic (both my girls had it horribly). Otherwise, he's a sweet boy who loves to eat, sleep and poop
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bananabee, I'm glad you have an LC working with you. Hang in there! It can seem to be taking soooo long, but hopefully in a few weeks it will resolve and you will have a long bf'ing relationship!

I'm glad everyone is still posting. At the hip, how are the migraines?

Here, this babe is SO chill! He eats, poops, and sleeps. I feel SO much better than after DS1 was born. Recovery is faster, my bottom was very sore at first, but it is doing well - just one stitch. Hemorrhoids SUCK, but I was prepared for that. I spend a lot of time cuddling with the tiny one on the couch or bed.
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The thing that annoys me is that is the scar from DD #1's birth which is hurting, the scar from Camille is barely there! With DD1 i tore 2nd degree at between 4 and 5pm (vagina as clock face) and it wasn't stitched. I could always find the scar because it was like a tighter band of tissue at the opening. With DD2 i tore at 6pm, but not quite to the muscle (and my perineum is only 1.6cm, so there is nothing of me to make a 4th degree - i'm just very stretchy) and grazed both sides, halfway up. There's maybe 2mm of wound still from DD2, just at the very bottom. But DD1's scar is stretched and is aching, especially initially, when i kegel (after a few kegels it hurts way less). I'll ask the MW about it tomorrow when she comes to do her day 10 discharge of care, but i've looked and looked again, there's no infection, no redness, no discharge, no heat. Nothing but this lump of harder tissue and a dull ache (which doesn't get worse when i press it but feels slightly better if i press it for a while then stop, which is why i figure it's scar tissue) under DD1's scar...

Can i just sat, DD1 was high needs. I came to that conclusion when she was a toddler. BUT my LORD. This baby is so so so easy! She just eats and sleeps. SHe only cries for belly ache and hunger, and a bit of boob cures both, AND she's a great feeder (DD1 was too) and my breasts are happy! I am feeding her easily, and managing 7-9oz a day for the freezer too. I finally get why/how people have more than one kid! She sleeps 5 hours at night!!! Ok, she feeds more or less constantly between 8pm and 11pm, but still! Amazin.

*mm* i'm convinced your babe is coming out of it's own volition, try not to fret about the looming date (easier said than done i know, i got to 41+4 with DD1). I'm sending lots of laboury vibes
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GoBecGo, DS1 is high intensity too - so far DS2 let's me know if he needs something, but no extra crying or extensive comfort sucking. I'm really enjoying it!

Sounds like maybe your scar stretched too?
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I'm glad you are all posting again! I am loving the sunshine and warm weather my ankles well they are not so happy.

I am glad to hear how well everyone is doing.

Here are some good breastfeeding, labor, and healing vibes. ~~~~~~~
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Yeah my boy is chillll. I'm shocked, bith my dd's were/are high demand. nak bbl when hands are free
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