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Good News 6-5-10

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Sorry, I got a little behind...

Thank you to everyone for the support. It's been a long week, but things are getting better.

We got moved over to Dell yesterday afternoon and they had to put him in NICU, b/c PICU didn't have any rooms available. But they did have the rooming in room available for at least that night. Then when we got here, they told me that some strings were pulled and they got us into the Ronald McDonald house, so we are staying across the street. It eases my mind that I am so close to Merrick. I stay all day from about 8:30am till after his midnight feeding and then I let the nurses take the 3am and 6am shift. And I am getting fed, so I'm happy. Brandon still has to fend for himself, for the most part.

So he's out from under the bili lights and his levels continue to go down, so we're very happy for that. And I don't have to triple feed anymore, b/c of it. I'm still pumping after every direct nursing though. I've brought my supply up some, but not much. I kind of feel like I'm still not producing enough, but I know he's getting what he needs. He's rarely upset. He still has to have a catheter, but hopefully for not too much longer. They are talking his first surgery, a cystoscopy, is on Wednesday, and that is the least evasive one that Dr. Cortez is going to try. His creatin levels have gone down a bunch and now we are just waiting. They did an MRI of his sacral dimple and, even though it's unusually deep, it does not connect with his spine and it is closed. So that was a HUGE relief for us. He won't have to have surgery on it or anything. They are curious as to how it will heal b/c of the depth. To tell the truth, so am I.
We've been able to dress him in his own clothes, and they are talking about switching him to an open crib, so it will feel more like home. Or, as much of a home as you can get. I love the fact that the nurses let me take care of him and don't really get involved unless necessary.

My mother is coming down at some point for 3 days to help and be with me, but I'm not sure when that will be. I told my sister-in-law that instead of her coming down now, that it would be better if she could come down after Merrick gets home to help. She has a 5 month old that would be very bored here.

I think that's about it. My brain is still on overload, but it's not as much stress for right now.

Feel free to send me an email. I enjoy getting them, as they help me meet new people and keep me busy. I am a social butterfly, so this environment is frustrating me. LOL
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That is all really good news! Thanks for the update, I'll be looking forward to hearing about Weds' surgery.
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