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Herbalist Mamas??

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Hey ya'll!!

Any herbalist mamas or mama-to-be out there? I am 11w6d today and gearing up to start putting together some lists of things to make for when baby gets here. Wanting to share recipes, ideas, suggestons with other like minded do-it-yourself herbalists. I can't justify spending the $16 for organic herbal baby bottom balm when I know I can make it myself. You too? Great!! Lets talk!!
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I'm on MDC too too much....but I'm great at answering my PM's

I've completed one herbalism certification program and am half way through Heart of Herbs right now. I'm loving all the things that I can do for myself and my family!
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There was an excellant article in the Essential Herbal Magazine this month on using herbs in pregnancy. I think you can buy just the one issue from them. The magazine is full of great articles and ideas. But even better is the yahoo group by the same name. I get new information everytime I go online.

Another great source is The Herb Mentor. Another great website for herbalists.

I love working with herbs, but since I live in a ridiculously small apartment I can't really grow much. I planted culinary herbs in a strawberry pot last month. But by the next day the squirrels had eaten everything. I got some sage and peppermint on freecycle today. I'm hoping the squirrels don't eat that.
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I'm not an herbalist really, but I am very interested in them, and would love to take a course one day. I've been looking for an herbalist in the northern VA area (not associated with accupuncture) but the closest one is 2 hours away.
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I am fortunate to have a large herb garden area and put up most of our kitchen herbs. Last year was my first year to grow a medicinal herb garden and was pleased with how it turned out. I have enjoyed making salves for the family and would love to take a course as well. Wonderful the information you can find on the internet today!
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I'm not certified but have been practicing on myself for over 20 years. I'm also not on Mdc enough. Hey, you can make a cayenne spray to keep those squirrels away. Make cayenne tea and add a few drops of natural dish soap. Be careful about herbs in pregnancy: do your research. I enjoyed nettle infusions with red rasberry, oat straw, rooiboos, and yellow dock.
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Feel guilty since I posted this and haven't responded! Yikes where does the time go?? I have never done a professional training but have studied with lots of different herbalists over the past 15 years, have a minor in botany, and just love the concept of sharing the planet with plants that offer medicine to help us live and be healthy. I haven't taken any pharmies (other than ibuprofen once a month for a day when I had my moon) in my adult life. The power of herbs amazes me!

So my encouragement to all of you studying and interested. Susan Weed and Rosemary Gladstar have some great books. I really like James Green's manual on how to make a wide variety of herbal goodies and of course the late Michael Moore for materia medica. To name but a few!

I second the caution of herbs in pregnancy. There are many resources available for lists of herbs to avoid. Not difficult to obtain, so always check. Good to stick with tonics like RRaspberry, Oatstraw, Nettles, Dandy lf, etc.

Just made a promilk tea for a friend who just had a great homebirth. Goats Rue, Blessed Thistle, Fennel and Fenugreek. Thinking of a sitz blend for me, but have plenty of time for that. Nipple butter and some baby booty balm on the list. Haven't done salvy consistency for awhile so may need practice. Do share any tried and true proportions with me if you have them. I'd much appreciate it! My last cream kinda flopped! I am so bad with recipes adn measurments but can't waste such precious ingredients again! What else to make? Thinking of a diaper spray for the reusuable wipes. Just plain water, little lavender and tea tree essential oil maybe? What do you think?
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i've moved this to the natural body care forum.
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