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Considering a pack and play

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Any recommendations on comfy ones? It would just be for naps and before we go to bed. DD is 5 months old (17.5lbs) and we likely wouldn't start using it for a couple months so we wouldn't use a bassinet part like I've seen on some.
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I like the Graco ones. You can get them for fairly inexpensive without all the bells and whistles. I've seen basic ones at Target for 70 bucks or so, and they go on sale too.
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They're all pretty similar in terms of comfort... however, you'll want to check the individual guidelines. Some are not for use with kiddos who can pull up or stand, some have multiple settings, and some are fine (but keep in mind the bending/lifting can be hard on your back).

Target seems to have a lot of them set up so you could maybe try them out a bit, then check second hand "mama" shops if the kind you like isn't in the budget?
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We're a cosleeping family, but I bought one for naps after DD rolled out of bed at 7 months (ouch!). I bought one at Toys R Us that was about $70. It is super easy to fold up and doesn't weigh much at all. It did have a little insert, not quite like a bassinet feature, but it made it so the floor was higher up. We used that until we came in to find her standing up next to it. Now we use it like a standard one, with the floor down all the way. It's great for naps and putting her to bed, but she still sleeps with us once we go to bed. I agree that you could probably find a gently used one at a second-hand store.
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We had a Fisher Price one (Rainforest one that got recalled) and loved it. Ours did have the problem that was being recalled.

We now have a Graco one and love it too. It is basically a toy storage though since DD naps and sleeps on a mattress on the floor so that she can't roll out of bed and hurt herself. She will however play in it for short periods of time.
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I'd recommend borrowing one first. I went out and bought one when he started crawling off the futon. He's sat in it and screamed a few times, but that's it. Finally, after 2 months I folded it and packed it back up. Total waste of $70.

Oh, and if you're short like me, putting a sleeping baby down in one is impossible anyway. Which I didn't realize until afterwards, of course. I cannot reach the bottom without overbalancing - definitely couldn't do it while holding him and trying to ease him down while asleep.
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Yeah, definitely check them out in the stores, but if you do get one, I recommend the basic Graco one with no bells and whistles. I really like ours, it's nice to have a place to put her for a minute that is safe on the first floor. And yeah, if you aren't tall it is very hard to put a sleeping baby in the bottom. I am 5'11" and I can do it, but it is hard for me too with a 16 lb baby.
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We got A Graco one but obviously haven't used it yet.
When we were looking at them though, DH noticed that there is a wide range in the thickness and quality of the matresses in the graco line. The cheapest kind have really thin and flimsy pads and they seem to get nicer as the price goes up. We got ours on sale for 60% off at toys r us and so got the top of the line one because it had the nicest mattress pad. I dunno if it makes any difference.
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