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Reconciling Christian beliefs with possible psychic gift?

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I have been wrestling with something lately that I'm hoping I can get some input on. I am a Jesus follower. I feel strong in my faith as a Christian.
I'm not wavering on that aspect of it.
I am however trying to understand how my *possible* psychic intuition fits into my faith.

A little backstory: I have always been "sensitive". I feel extreme empathy for people. I've always felt that I was "different" in some way but couldn't really put my finger on it. I have a deep connection with my grandpa who died before my parents were even married. I visited his grave one time with my parents and found myself crying while I was there and getting chills. I had no reason to feel this way as I never heard my dad hardly mention him. Since then (that was when I was 14), I've felt connected to him. When my oldest daughter was born, I wanted to name her Lauren Olivia. I liked the name. I later found out that my grandpa's name was Laurence Oliver (spelled Laurence). Then when my grandma was dying (she was my grandpa's wife), I felt pushed (almost an out of body experience) to keep telling my family that grandpa wants us to pull the plug. He told me it was time for her to go home. Now I never "heard" his voice. I didn't see an apparition or anything close to that. I just can "feel" it (for lack of a better term).
The other thing is, after a few friends of the family died (over several years), I would dream about them within a few days and in my dream they would tell me (I could see them) to tell their spouse/family that they were ok. I have always sort of played that off as maybe I was reading too much into it. Maybe it's all a coincidence. Maybe I'm convincing myself that I have some sort of intuition or psychic ability that I really don't.

Ok, well fast forward to present. I have been seeing this therapist (she actually comes for my son to help him deal with adoption issues). Well she shared with me that she is psychic. She has explained that there are different types of "psychic" and that it's not all about reading futures, etc. However, since I've been seeing her and have been working on other issues (anxiety/etc), I've started to feel almost confused. I am starting to "feel" things about people. For instance, I was getting a coffee the other day at Starbucks and when I saw a familiar barista, I got an overwhelming feeling that they were going to get sick (just with a cold or something). Well sure enough the next day they told me that two of their baristas called out sick. (I never told them I thought they were going to get sick...I've just been having some odd "premonitions" if you will). Sometimes I'm off and I think it's my anxiety kicking in...or maybe it's my OCD tendencies. I don't know what it is. I'm praying about it but I'm confused. Is this real? Am I going insane? LOL I honestly don't know what to think.

I know some Christians will say that any sort of psychic ability comes from a dark place or satan or whatever. I don't believe that. I think like anything, people can turn a positive into a negative or a gift into sin (however you look at it) but I just don't know if I'm reading too much into myself lately.

Anyway...thanks for reading if you've gotten through it
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You may just be particularly sensitive and picking up nonverbal cues that pass most people by. That is a gift/skill that some people have. Not necessarily psychic, but that's how you may be contextualizing it.

In spiritual matters, there is the gift of prophecy. However, it is specifically to be used for glorifying God/demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit.
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I dont think you can reconcile these two things. I know you will find christians who disagree with that and who find a way to reconcile the two but from my experience you have to compromise so much that it no longer resembles (or is) Christianity anymore. I dont know how you use the bible in your walk, but I cant dismiss anything it teaches and what it teaches about these typse of things (like psychic gifts, as well as contacting the dead) is to call it divination and God, according to what the bible teaches, is strictly against it. Its like going to another source as opposed to Him alone. Im learning that God wants us completely reliant on Him, he wants to use us and our lives to bring glory to Him, like what cappaccinosmom said (do you really have a child called cappaccino?!) .

I dont say this to be disagreeable, or argumentative and I know what you said here..

I know some Christians will say that any sort of psychic ability comes from a dark place or satan or whatever. I don't believe that. I think like anything, people can turn a positive into a negative or a gift into sin
I think you might need to do some prayer on it. Im not sure I understand turning a positive into a negative and vise versa, in cases like this. I think the christians you are talking about here actually understand that its biblically right to say these things arent from God. If we're talking prophetic gifts, thats something different but even those are talked about then examples of what they really are are given in the bible. And again like Cappsmom said, they always give glory to God.


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When I was a child, in my dream I have received a message from my great grandmother after she passed away. Only many years later I found out that it was true AND that my mom and another woman in the family had a dream similar to mine.
I cannot imagin that it came from "the dark" place. And for good or for bad it had nothing to do with christianity. So... what do I make of it as a christian? Only that I'm not a very good christian , as I believe that we all have the ability to sense things, and as the time will go on, people will learn to accept this "sixth" sense, and maybe even will learn how to develop it from early on.
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I have known several psychics.....some were still practicing christians and some had since converted away. I think it is easily reconcilable for some..there are many different traditions and walks of christianity.

I dont know why it couldnt just be part of you or a gift from God if you prefer...I honestly never understood why it would have to come from a "dark place".
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Originally Posted by greenmagick View Post
I have known several psychics.....some were still practicing christians and some had since converted away. I think it is easily reconcilable for some..there are many different traditions and walks of christianity.

I dont know why it couldnt just be part of you or a gift from God if you prefer...I honestly never understood why it would have to come from a "dark place".
I feel the same way as Greenmagick. I appreciate some people feel differently but I do not agree - I don't feel all gifts of psychic awareness come from something dark. I've had very similar experiences as you describe - very empathetic, psychic dreams, communications, hearing a good friend's thoughts (not my imagination - it was a one-time bizarre experience). I just feel people's brains are exceptionally complex and some people have abilities that others don't - some people can access the unseen easier than others. I think keeping Christ in your thoughts and always protecting yourself - a good place to start.
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I don't think psychic dreams can be classed as divination. Isn't divination deliberate? Yes, the Bible is very clear about deliberately attempting to contact the dead, but the OP isn't doing that.

I'd say a psychic gift is something to be careful of as a Christian - you should be particularly vigilant about studying the Scriptures to make sure nothing leads you astray (for instance, if you have a dream in which your husband tells you he's from the future and it's OK to cheat on him, I wouldn't go with it!) It's certainly a way in which Satan could attempt to give you theologically dodgy views on the afterlife or whatever.

But really, the Bible doesn't seem to say a lot about the kind of intuition you're talking about. I say keep your conscience clear before God, don't let yourself do anything the Bible clearly commands against, and if your abilities ever keep your family safe or something, accept that as a good gift from God.
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Read Acts 2 (especially noting verses 17-18).

I personally think that the intuition and insight you are feeling can be something of God or it can be something not of God. Ask God about it. Pray for insight into why He is revealing this to you, or if it is not of Him. Seek God, don't let this get in the way of that, and I'd think it will sort itself out.

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OP, this is something I have struggled with my entire life as a Christian. I have dreams as well. I dream about things either while they are happening or before they happen, and then, well, they happen. Sometimes it is personal, like someone I know is going to die, etc. Other times it is large scale, like 9-11

I have chosen not to share with too many people that I have this gift. I do believe it is a gift. It is also hereditary in my family. My grandmother had it. Some other relatives have had it.

I never asked for it, I never TRY to ascertain info about things..it just comes to me. And many, many times it has been used for the glory of God, I believe. Sometimes God puts people in my life, and puts a feeling or intuition in my head about them, and I know that they are supposed to be in my life. When I met my husband, I heard the voice of the Lord saying to me, "This is the man you will marry". Now, had I not heard that, or sensed it, if you will, would I have worked as hard at the relationship? I don't know. I can't say. I just know that God has a plan for me, and sometimes he relates that plan to me in ways that maybe not everyone experiences.

I have studied the scripture on this topic as well and came to the conclusion that it is not to be taken lightly or used for evil. I do not believe it makes you a "bad" Christian. I do not believe it makes you "possessed" or that you are communicating with the devil. I DO believe there are many things that we don't understand in this world. And that this is a gift like any other, and we must be careful to protect ourselves spiritually.

I am telling you, I struggled and struggled with this. I prayed "Lord, take it from me if this is evil. Lord, if it is your will, please stop it."

And it did not stop. I was praying sincerely, fervently, for years. I was studying for years. I was aching to understand WHY I could see things others couldn't see. Why I went to the phone before it rang and knew who would be on the other line. Why I would know someone was sick or hurting just by standing close to them, or sometimes just knowing, not even being in their presence. Why I would dream of loved ones dying to find out the next day that they had. Or a week later, etc..WHY.

I still can't tell you exactly why. But I do know this. Our God doesn't make mistakes. If this is your gift, it just is. Be careful how you use it, and glorify Him in all that you do.

Please PM me if you want to. I promise I will listen without judgement. I know it is really hard to "get" this without having lived it.
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Thank you all so much for your caring replies. I have come to another crossroads in my life. I'm not sure if that word is even right but I've done a lot of growing and changing lately (for the better). I've made some strides in getting my house in order, my health taken care of and I've also lately had a "revelation" if you will about God's purpose for my life. When I was growing up, I never had huge aspirations to have a big career (like my peers did). I only wanted to be a mommy and housewife. I always had "guilt" for not wanting MORE from life. However, I knew that being a mother was something I was definitely called to do. Now I continue to feel that way but I also have a strong feeling (and believe me I'm praying almost non stop about this) that I'm being led to a role of advocate and speaker for a cause near and dear to my heart.
All that to say that I'm feeling a lot of "changes" lately and maybe I'm just getting more in tune with myself. Maybe I am just a very sensitive person who can easily pick up on people's subtle cues be it physical or emotional.
Thank you again for your input. That's why I love MDC
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I'm not Catholic now, though I was raised in a very devoted Catholic family so take this as you will, but...

My mother's family is from Ireland, and they are very very Catholic. They are extremely observant, following the letter as well as the spirit of Catholic teachings. We're talking daily mass, daily rosary, weekly and seasonal fasts, vigils and pilgram trips, active in the community and the Church. The women in the family have always been "sensitive". They just know stuff, and they use this knowledge to help people in their community. My Gran explained it as just something they do, a gift from God to be used for the good of the community. Like any other unusual but not unheard of gift... a beautiful singing voice (that can be used to praise God or uplift the hearts of the community instead of being wasted in inappropriate music or used to enflame negative passions) or a gift for finance (that could be used to enhance the community instead of used to build a personal fortune) for example. It sort of seemed to fall outside the realm of "religion" and into the realm of "how people are"... some people are sensitive and dream true dreams and this should be used for the glory of God and for the good of the community. My gran at least never seemed to worry that this ability was in any way "dark".

I don't know... I'm not explaining it well... but basically, for her family this sensitivity wasn't "religious" or "spiritual". It was just something that was. The use to which the ability was put WAS however, related to religion or at least to ethics based in their religion.

Anyway, I'm no longer Catholic, and I no longer feel bound by the explainations given by the Christian faith. But I thought I'd share this since it's on topic and something I was told by very observant Catholic Christians over and over while growing up.

I hope you find strength and support along your journey!
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I grew up in a pentecostal church. It was quite biblical and intense. One of the things my mother would sometimes refer to herself or others refer to her was her "power of discernment." I now see it as a mild psychic ability. I also am able to feel things and I am working hard on listening to my intuition and following my "red flags."
Looking back now, it is interesting to see that no one questioned her spiritual strength. It was just who she was and was appreciated as a God given gift, not something from satan.

I have gone further into this spiritual world of intuition and am really feeling connected to it. My mother, who left a very unhealthy church two years ago, has followed me a bit. She feels comfortable with her decisions, but I wonder how it is going to play out for her when she finds what she calls a "spiritually active" church.
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Why does the gift of discernment need to come from a dark place? Doesn't God also give the gift of discerment? Prophecy to a select few?

I belong to a very mainline protest church and we talk about feeling 'called' to do things a lot. It sounds to me like you're feeling 'called' to advocacy. Is that bad?

I have to say that the other sensitivities that you've shown, I would call just that. You've got a gift of being sensitive to other's moods and states. It may be more than that, but everything you used in post could easily come from a place of sensitivity to other's moods and the ability to put together information that others miss with your intuition. Unconscious connections doesn't automatically equal the forces of evil in my book. (I'm leaving the dreams out because I think that those are really common dreams after someone dies.)

It's not like you're going out and actively seeking the help of dark forces to give you power. You're using the abilities that God gave you. Maybe you're just now becoming conscious of them. Maybe you will or will not ever be able to figure out exactly what those abilities are. But I believe that we are made in the image of God, and that includes many abilities and gifts. The Spirit does indeed contain many gifts that are strange to us.
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Didn't God speak to Joeseph the foster father of Jesus in his dreams....I'm just sayin.....
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I have been considering something similar lately... I am trying to be very careful, because the enemy comes to us with 99% truth, and he makes his arguments very appealing and well disguised.
There is the story about Rachel using the mandake roots to get pregnant. For so very long of not being able to conceive, and praying about it, she finally goes to a... "garden witch" (for lack of a better term right now), and gets the root, uses it and becomes pregnant. There are diff ways to interpret, of course. I am wondering if it's safe to say that she prayed to God, and God gave her answer to her prayer, in an unexpected way. Thus, it is ok for us to make use of these things that are in the world....? idk
Like the parable of the money manager who was going to get fired, using his masters debts in a way that gained him favor for his future?
idk if the two come together like that, or if I am confused and drawing lines that aren't there. Just thnking... trying to figure it out.

But, I would be very, very cautious if I were you. If this is something that you desire you may be being tempted away from truth.
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Rachel didn't go to a garden witch. She got the mandrakes off her sister Leah, who (IIRC) got them from her son. I always read it as a fertility remedy, whether one based on actual science or simply an old wives' tale. It did work, didn't it?
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Thank you all again for sharing your personal experiences and thoughts on this. I know there are devout Christians out there who have had similar experiences to mine (and even more so). I also know I need to be careful that I'm not trying to turn this into something it's not.
It also need not be an all or nothing issue. Maybe I am just uber sensitive to others feelings. Maybe I have an intuition that is stronger just based on my own life experiences that gives me super sized empathy (hey, maybe that's my super power...) But I do know that above all else, what's important to me is pleasing God and making sure that I'm living my life in a way that models Jesus.
I often am a better talker than walker so I need to work on that

I'll look into some verses about gifts of discernment, etc. too. Thanks!!
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One more thing. It's funny how you bring up the story of Rachel . We've been dealing with secondary infertility for almost 10 years. This month I was debating whether or not to give some herbs a try (Chasteberry).
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Debating, as in, wondering if there were Spiritual Issues with using herbs for fertility? Or debating for more pragmatic reasons? I definitely don't think God is anti-herbs, if that's an issue for you.
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My parents were/are devoutly Catholic, but also Charismatic. They refer to the Acts 2 passage Tjej gave, and believe that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (prophecy, speaking in tongues, etc.) are alive today.

I used to speak in tongues, but during adolescence I became less and less comfortable with saying things I couldn't understand.

I still get foretellings, sometimes in dreams and sometimes just feeling/intuition/instinct.

I believe that one can be Christian and have these Gifts. I also believe that these Gifts should be trained if possible, and I haven't met many Christians who know how to do that. In part, I think, because of those fears: where are these Gifts coming from? Are they of God, or something else?

I followed my Gifts, and in time they led me away from the Church. I think my parents feared that could or would happen, and I think that's a common fear among Christians.
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