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Full Buckle Carriers

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Which do you like best - AngelPack, ABC, O&A, etc., and why? I'm on a budget so I'm trying to keep that in mind when deciding on which one to get. I've been searching around for a used one but cannot seem to find one that I like or is within my price range.

I'm not a wrap or sling type of mama. I like to feel the security of my little one right in front of me or eventually on my back, so that's why I've chosen to go with the full buckle carriers. He's currently being carried in a Mei Tai which is working okay for the moment, but I'm really wanting a buckle and not a tie.
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I personally have a TMD (TwoMommasDesign) and am really happy with it. That said, a bunch of mommas I know personally have played with the TMD and the O&A and either get both, or one or the other. I haven't gotten to play with the O&A in person, but I hear it's much like the TMD only with some additional 'good idea' details.

What I always recommend when one can't play with them in person before purchasing, is to find a retailer that either carries the ones you're trying to decide between and has an exchange policy, or at least a retailer with a return policy. I've found that babywearing retailers want you to be happy with your babywearing, even if that means you don't end up sticking with what you purchased from them, iykwim?
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I have heard great things about the Ergo and the O&A, but I have the Babyhawk Oh Snap. It's for bigger babies (25-45 lbs) and I got it bc I loved my BH mei tai but needed more support for my big guy. I love it, it is the perfect carrier for us and I use it a lot for front and back carries.

Have you tried to buy used on thebabywearer.com? I have bought used from the FSOT section and I actually prefer used bc the price is lower and bc the carriers are broken in but very well taken care of.

I agree w/the suggestion to try and find a store near you that sells some different kinds of carriers so you can try them on (if that's possible). Or maybe try a babywearing group in your area. At the meetings they usually have all types of carriers to try, or even borrow sometimes.

Have fun carrier shopping!
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I have an Action Baby Carrier. I got it because I too wanted buckles, and the price could not be beat for something new. I bought at www.zerberts.com they had 10% off and free shipping.

pro's -It's very comfortable- my son's only 13 pounds, but I can and do carry for hours at a time with not the slightest ache.
- it's very lightweight.. doesn't get hot
-has a sleeping hood that supports his head and can fully cover to get out of the sun/rain

con's- the buckles are right next to the main carrier part- not further back on the straps, so sometimes the buckle rubs against an arm or leg, and we need to adjust
-most of the prints (when I was buying) were feminine, so dh won't wear it.
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Have you tried looking on thebabywearer for babywearing groups in your area? Typically people in those groups have variety in their stashes, and bring everything to meetings for others to try out. Or you could check on the various websites (angelpack, beco, etc.) and see if any retailers carry them in your area. Once you figure out what you want you should have good luck finding something used on TBW or even diaperswappers. I'd definitely suggest trying them out first before buying since each carrier is different and fits people differently. You might even be able find more commonly found ones, like beco or ergo, on craigslist.
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i am a big fan of tbw as well. you can read tons of reviews in the review section, plus lots of posts in the asian style baby carrier section.

and a babywearing meeting would be a great way to try ones in person.

i am currently loving our 1/2 buckle right now-but dd2 is only 14 lbs. i have a full buckle kanga xt that we still love for dd1 too. i have pretty much retired my BH to being a loaner for friends who are just getting into babywearing.

the padded/structured waist has become something i absolutely must have. but i do like the ease of the MT shoulder straps. some makers do a 1/2 buckle but with some nice padding on the shoulder straps, which to me-is the best of both worlds.

i am hearing amazing feedback on the BH Oh Snap over on tbw.
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I have been searching around on TBW and have ran across two that are possibilities, but I think I may do what some PP's have suggested and that's trying them on before I commit to one. I don't want to spend the money and end up not liking it. I went through that with a Moby recently and had to sell it but didn't get what I paid for and it was brand new.

Thanks, mamas!
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Action Baby Carrier would be my best option,..comfortable, lightweight and pocket-friendly very affordable.  I was waiting for my ABC and got it for a good price. How much was your budget? I had seen in ABC facebook that they offer discounts that drop their price to $50-$75. Goodluck. blowkiss.gif

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