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Where to take a toddler in/near Montclair, NJ??

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Hi there,

I have a 15-month old son and I am looking for good places to take him here in Montclair, or somewhere nearby that I could easily get to by bicycle:

Groups/meetups for parents with toddlers, playspaces for toddlers, classes or groups for toddlers that are reasonably priced, other parents who would like to exchange babysitting, etc.

I know about playgrounds, the library and stuff like that. Although if you know of a group of moms meeting at any of those places, I'd love to hear about that. I'm sadly lacking in acquaintances among parents of children my son's age.

I'd ESPECIALLY like to know if there is anywhere around here where you can take your toddler for free play, a safe space to just cut him loose and not have to chase him every second. Even if there is a fee for that. I am desperate to find out about something like that because he WEARS ME OUT and my poor feet too!
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We are in Verona-right next to you. I have a 2.5 yo & a 4 mo old.

I haven't found anything perfect for letting dd1 just "go". During the winter we went to Funtime Junction over on 46 in Fairfield just so she could climb & run around.

up in sussex county where i grew up & still have family-we have done some outdoor stuff but that's far for people here. the only thing here (besides the parks) that we have tried was eagle rock preservation & the trails there. she LOVES that. we park by highlawn pavillion & go in over there.

ill be following this to see if anyone has feedback.
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My daughter is almost 15 months and I live in Montclair too! I'm at the YMCA family center a lot with various classes so that's an idea, but I'm sure you've thought of that. I don't really know of any mom groups, playspaces for toddlers. Maybe we can start our own mom group? But I think there are many out there already. I'm just new to the area, and a first-time mom. So, we should get together at the very least....
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You could check out MOMS Club, it's an organization for Stay at home Moms, they have chapters all over so you can meet up during the daytime on weekdays (that lonely time when everyone is at work) and go to parks, do crafts, just low-key stuff that. Even if a chapter is not listed on their site, doesn't mean they don't have one (just that it has no website) so email them and see if there is a Montclair one. www.momsclub.org

This has been a great way for me to meet other moms and find good places to take my daughter.
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The Livingston mall has a nice, free toddler play space. If you don't have a car there is probably a bus from Montclair that goes to the mall.
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Thanks for suggestions, I am going to check them all out!
Santeleni, PMing you!
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I just stumbled upon this because I was looking for stuff for my son to do too. My son is 16 months now and my family and I just moved to Montclair from out of state. If there's a group getting together, could I possibly join you all? My poor little guy has to listen to only me all day and I don't think that's very much fun.
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Playgroups in Montclair?


I just joined mothering.com and found this post. I also live in montclair. My son is almost 19 months old. I'd love to hear about any playgroups in the area.
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I don't know of anything in Montclair. The only thing we go there for is the Art Museum. But if you have a car, I totally second Funtime Junction. It is great for all ages. And the kids can't leave without an adult with a matching armband. During the school year it is only $6.00 on Tuesday. The snack bar has semi okay food. The Children's Museum in Paramus is fun and has a section for little ones. It can be pricey but if you get a copy of the Parent Pages from your library, they usually have a free adult with paying child coupon. They do not allow food of any kind inside. Another place that we loved when my son was smaller is not real far away but you definitely need a car for. It's called Wee Play. It's in Nanuet, NY. It is one big open room with different sections for different kinds of play, a kitchen, a gas station, a car wash, a climbing tower, a sandbox. It was a lot of fun. They have a decent snack bar and let you bring in your own food as well.

Isn't there a Wholistic Moms Group in Montclair. I would do a web search on that.

Good luck in finding a great play space.

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I no longer live in Montclair, but you should check out the Holistic Moms Network to meet like minded moms. The first chapter started right in Montclair.

I used to bring my daughter to Van Vleck. It is gated and such a gorgeous natural setting. My husband and daughter would run back and forth to get their energy out. They also run lovely nature classes for young children.
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