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UC In the wilderness/outdoors/nature?

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I was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge of people having UC in nature areas... especially if they were public wilderness areas.

I am thinking of either renting a cabin, or ideally, though I don't know how realistic this is, I would like to camp in a wilderness area where I could birth, in seclusion and in a natural environment and natural spring. Or at least have the option of doing so. I remember at my last birth, I could hear the birds outside, see the sun coming up and I wanted to badly to go to the woods, which weren't much a walk away and give birth there... a deep loving to do so.

Any thoughts or ideas?

The only thing about renting a cabin is not knowing exactly when labor will start and not wanting to spend too much money, waiting and waiting if it doesn't come in the allotted time I've paid for it. I also don't know that I'll be able to find one at all, or in my price range. I would still be close enough to a hospital in case of emergency, and have at least my SO and DD, probably at least one friend with us... I'm also quite prepared technologically for anything out of the ordinary.
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No experience, just able to relate to how you feel. I am also looking at possibly renting a place to give birth at... A nature area would be awesome. BUT... My baby is due in the dead of winter, so no going outside to birth my baby in the dewy grass.
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That would be lovely
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Not uc she had a mw but it is outdoors
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i went to a friend's farmhouse--she had a patch of land and i was able to walk around in peace and quiet.. through the tall grass, surrounded by trees, and there was a little pond. she (and a midwife) left me and dp completely alone the whole labor, birth, and so forth. so im not really sure if that was uc or not.

that could be something you could look into. do you have friends who live on a farm?
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I would love to birth in the ocean or woods if I ever have another child. A cabin sounds lovely. Can you check with a Realtor for a monthly rental and just camp out from 38-42 weeks?
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I was thinking about this myself. I want to go camping for a few weeks on a friends land......I have to find a friend with the land first though, haha!

I want to set-up camp and hopefully even give birth in water. I'm not sure how I would do all of this, but I think I could figure it out easily enough.
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Or you might even try Craigslist or ebay. Good luck with your birth, it sounds awesome!
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Sounds so lovely and spiritual! You could do a huge tent with air mattresses. It would be much cheaper than a cabin.
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Originally Posted by beckyand3littlemonsters View Post
Not uc she had a mw but it is outdoors
She is my friend, and actually is the person who took my photos and video of OUR UC last August Grey was born with midwives at her cabin, her next baby Sam was born UC but they were trapped here in our little town, she didn't have time to get to the cabin. She had hoped to UC him at her cabin... but it worked out beautifully anyhow.

A couple of safety precautions she took... She had GPS coordinates to tell emergency workers in case they were needed (so they could send a helicopter), and a cell phone that they KNEW worked from the cabin.

Might be some stuff to think about I think it sounds wonderful! Our UC was on my bedroom floor, and I wouldn't change a thing
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To be honest, giving birth while camped out does not sound very appealing to me. I am getting all uncomfortable just thinking about being pregnant, sleeping on the ground, and then giving birth and having to trek all that stuff back home. Are there other options? Like being in your back garden?
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I have a friend who got to be part of a birth party in the woods. It sounded awesome! Good luck to you in that quest and please post the birth story!
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in WI...

if anyone is interested in UC outdoors on someone's property in western WI, PM me!
our land is available. it's about an hour from the twin cities. 20 mins to nearest hospital (just in case).
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Have you seen the "Birth as we know it" dvd by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova ? She was birthing women in the Black sea. Her website is www.birthasweknowit.com/ and apparantly there are 2 versions of the dvd - a 3hr & a regular.
"Birth As We Know It is a treat for both the heart and mind. This groundbreaking documentary film delivers spectacular cinematography, soothing vocals and instrumentation alongside a calming narrative. It leads us gently, comfortably on a path toward realizing the miracle of birth. Birth As We Know It introduces future parents to the advantages of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth. Director Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova shares her experiences as a co-creator of the Conscious Birth movement in Russia during the early 1980s. An effective preparation program culminated in Black Sea summer camps where babies were birthed in warm, shallow lagoons. This stunningly beautiful movie features eleven natural births, including home birth, water birth, birth of twins, breech delivery and an astounding self-birth by Tatiana Sargunas - world renowned Spiritual Midwife. The midwife community calls this film the most profound and comprehensive guide to conscious birth in the world. Included are informative interviews on topics rarely discussed, such as the sexuality of childbirth, circumcision and limbic imprinting. Birth As We Know It always conveys its messages in a non-intrusive, wonderfully inspirational way. Dr. Michel Odent, an icon in the world of natural delivery for the past 30 years said, We must pay tribute to Elena for prompting us to re-examine basic features of human nature. Her film explains why millions of women, all over the world, dream of giving birth in the sea, among dolphin. Since 1982 Vladimirova has traveled throughout the U.S. teaching Birth Into Being workshops that incorporate breath work, graceful movements and emotional healing that often lead to ecstatic birth experiences for both parents. The birth itself is the last accord in this fascinating journey of self discovery, says Vladimirova. After all preparation is accomplished, the delivery of the baby unfolds naturally in all its magnificence."

I also had a spiritual teacher - Chris Griscom who birthed her 6th child in the Bahamas in the ocean & wrote a book about it http://new.lightinstitute.com/index....134&Itemid=127

As you can tell I'm waterbirth orientated but believe that anything that supports what we wish to create is vital.

I wish you a wonderful birth and look forwards to hearing about it I am 36 weeks with my first pregnancy & am strongly considering UC in water at home but playing with the outdoors in nature idea, still waiting for that to be revealed to me.
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I say go for it! DP and I have a camper trailer out in the woods (we do have neighbours but there's only one within sight and it's just a few feet down the trail to be out of sight of anyone). Our trail goes right to a stream which goes out to the lake...it's a very quiet place and not too many people. We can't do a homebirth (insurance reasons) even though my mw does center or homebirths, but I've been entertaining the idea of a semi-accidental UC (the fsbc is an hour away and DS's labour was only 5 1/2 hours). Of course it will be February in Texas, so who knows what will happen. I may not want to birth outside if it's too cold (in which case I'll opt for the center and it's lovely birth tub). Then again, if it's anything like last February, it may be snowing so much that an hour drive to the center isn't safe. But I would gladly host a mama who wants to birth out there. My biggest issue (assuming it was ideal season and weather) is the stupid mosquitos. Ugh! Go figure, mosquitos are worse to me than being 30 minutes from a hospital, hahaha.
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Originally Posted by Banana731 View Post
I have a friend who got to be part of a birth party in the woods. It sounded awesome! Good luck to you in that quest and please post the birth story!
That's sounds great, I'd love to hear more about the birth party!

Yeah... for me, camping has always been more comfortable than house-living! I've been sleeping on the floor for years, about 5 years now. I was thinking too, that it would be great to have other mothers along...like a retreat, since my SO and I have been working on hosting retreats for awhile now anyway, but I don't know how to go about that, or what the legalities of that are... anyhow, I definitely want to do it myself...and don't exactly feel like there would be too much of a hassle on it... will make sure to have the GPS and make sure the cell works where we are.

I read about the Red Sea birthing, and I've seen the Birth as We Know it trailer and been intending to get the DVD... it was really my dream to do this with my last birth, but lack of support and with it being my first birth, I wasn't 100% confident myself, when I finally found a great midwife I was happy to have that... I needed that experience.

Right now my SO isn't so enthused about UC at all... he let someone talk him into the dangers of birth, and whenever I talk to him about it, he says something ridiculous now. So I would like there to be other people there...not to assist me, but to be a sense of community for him, and I'm cool with community too, but when it comes to the birth, I want to do it my way...or else, I will have to ban him from the birth.

Where I live right now(and we are trying to move to the place I'm looking to give birth at)... the weather is entirely too hot, and there is no reliable source of hot water. I really couldn't even have a waterbirth here in our home because the water will only pump out so much at a time. It is quite warm even at 5am... this time of year it will be extremely hot all day long until quite awhile after the baby is due. But less than 2 hours away the weather is absolutely perfect.
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My last birth was unplanned UC that happened to be outside. It was an amazing feeling to have my feet in the grass while birthing. I'm expecting again in a week and this time planning an UC in our backyard!!!
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That's awesome... thanks for sharing... our new plan is moving in a few weeks and doing it in the backyard! SO is totally into it again!
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