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anyone doing brewer pregnancy diet?

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Now that my MS is gone and I can focus on nutrition rather than eating whatever I can keep down, I'm going to start doing the Brewer diet (although with some alterations to the grains because I'm wheat sensitive).

Is anyone else following it now or followed it for previous pregnancies? This is my first, and just looking at the checklist it seems impossible to fit that much food in my body in one day. I know my perception of portion sizes is probably off, but even so!

I work in retail, very odd hours, and I know I'll have trouble finding time to eat every couple of hours, much less pack food everyday. If anyone has any suggestions, good protein recipes to pack, I'd appreciate them!

Oh, I also don't drink milk...I eat other dairy, but not four portions a day. Should I suck it up and try to start drinking it? I have access to milk that isn't ultra pasteurized, but getting raw milk would be a pain (and expensive).

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I followed the Brewer diet pretty faithfully last time around, and have just started to pick up on it again. This isn't my typical way of eating, so it did take a bit of adjustment, some calculating and planning. I did feel like I was eating a lot, but gained about 35 pounds, which were easily shed. DS was born at a good weight and was healthy as can be.

My secret snack were these grocery store bagels, I think they were Thomas' 100% whole grain, they're decent enough, but they pack a surprising amount of protein. One of these with some peanut butter and fruit, or made into an egg salad or chicken sandwich with greens and shredded carrots really helped me keep up my protein intake and check a few other boxes off of the list at the same time.

I'm pretty averse to milk this pregnancy (still??), so I'm running into the issue that you've got... so far I try for a bowl of cereal a day and do the best I can with cheese and yogurt. I just drink grocery store organic milk, I don't have easy access to raw milk, either.
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I try to follow the Brewer diet, but I'm not strict about it and use it more as a guideline. I do drink milk, but certainly not 4 cups a day! So I just replace other dairy for milk under that need. I wouldn't start drinking if you haven't been, just as long as you watch your protein intake. My understanding is that the eggs and milk are the protein foundation. So if you're not drinking that much milk, just be sure you are getting a full 100 g of protein from other sources.

I would definitely try to eat every few hours, even if it's a light snack of dried fruit (fruit leather is quick and portable, and most will fulfill one of your vitamin C requirements), a handful of nuts/trail mix, or a granola bar. The only way I manage to get all the food requirements in is through lots of healthy snacks. Although I'm also obsessed with chicken patties on whole wheat buns this ff fpregnancy. Awesome grain and protein requirement, and a pretty quick, easy meal!
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I did look at it and I'm thinking of starting it. I definately don't eat enough protein right now. I eat several bowls, though, each day of high fiber/high protein/whole grain cereal with milk, try to get one bowl of plain yogurt and at least 2 eggs w/some butter each day. I'm going to start making my own whole wheat bread again and maybe have that with some nut butter for protein. Just now starting to want to cook with meat again (was having aversions prior).
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could someone post guidelines to this diet?
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Here is the brewer diet site, http://www.blueribbonbaby.org/brewer-diet-checklists/.

It's not as hard to get everything you need if you are doulbe checking the foods you eat. SO like the bagels mentioned above are a grain and a protein, milk is a milk and protein.

I follow it and love it!
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I have not gained any weight so far (16 weeks) and in fact lost a couple of pounds in the last week or 2 despite the fact that I' think I'm eating a lot. I printed out the Brewer checklist and followed it on Saturday. Yesterday and today, I barely had any appetite at all. Hopefully I'll go back to it tomorrow. I did manage to get the dairy servings in, at least.
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I would definitely be making it if I double-checked items, but on the Brewer website (http://www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com/) it tells you not to. My understanding is that you also need all of the calories that checking each box individually would provide, so that your protein is being used to support blood supply rather than being used as energy.

I got closer than I thought I would on a workday, but I still came up lacking three protein servings, some grains and two dairy. I think I just need to eat something every moment that I don't feel overly full, and make sure my pantry and purse are loaded with protein snacks.
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I followed it for my last pregnancy, with great results, and I am following it again. My biggest challenge is that I'm not very hungry after noon, but I try hard to get all my requirements met. I thought Brewer (or maybe Dr. Bradley) had alternatives for those who can't tolerate milk, or are vegetarian. My secret weapon for meeting a lot of requirements before lunch is eggs with greens, toast, and milk for breakfast every morning. Fortunately, I love all those things and we are into the season for great, fresh greens. Some days, however, I gaze longingly at my 2 year old daughter's breakfast of oatmeal...
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My doula/Bradley Instructor has asked that I try to follow the Brewer's Diet, but I haven't really had a chance to sit down and research exactly what I am supposed to be doing here. lol
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