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Reusable swiffer style cloths?

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I've heard swiffer is supposedly "bad" for children and pets, but the only info I could find was on the swiffer wetjet ingredients, which is not what I have.

I just finished a box of the disposable swiffer dry floor cloths and was hoping someone could let me know of a GOOD reusable alternative.

I have pergo and tile floors. I tried some thicker microfiber style cloths on my swiffer but they don't do as good as job at picking up the bits of stuff off the floor. They're great for dust, but sand and whatever just gets pushed around I've noticed.

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what I do is get the dyson and really give it a good vacuum first. Then attatch a pre fold to bottom of swiffer w/ elastic bands and use it that way.
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why is swiffer bad for children/pets?
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siffer wetjet is full of who-knows-what-chemicals. the regular original siffer sweepers are just bad for the earth.

i vacuum and then use a sh-mop
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I sweep with a broom and pick it up with a dust pan.
We do have a dust mop that I never really use. Think of the big dust mop janitors used on the marble floors in schools, only smaller for residential use. It is somewhat staticky too like swiffers, so it helps with dust and cat hair, etc.
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I love the swiffer wetjet but I didn't want to keep using the disposable refills either. I tie an old shirt onto the bottom of the mop and that works well. If there's a spot that I can't get with the mop, I just do it by hand.

I also drilled a hole in the bottom (well the top, depending on which position it's in ) of the bottle so that I could add vinegar, water, and gardenia oil
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If you knit or crochet, I've seen a couple of patterns posted on Ravelry for making the dry cloths. I've made a few and they seem to work pretty good. I can't get onto the site from here (it's blocked from work) but this page looks like it has some decent links: http://tipnut.com/make-your-own-swiffer-cloths/

Before I made my own cover, I used a old dishtowel, but I had to make sure to sweep well before I used the Swiffer.
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well i do always sweep with the broom first, and then i use the a microfiber washcloth on my swiffer usually wet it and spot mop with it.
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You can get washable microfibre pads from Norwex.
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You can refill the bottles with your own cleaner and knit or crochet the pads. You can also use old prefolds.
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I made ones like these out of fleece.
Very simple and they work great, wet or dry.

I just rinse them out and toss them in the washing machine when we are done.

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double post
oops - sorry
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Have you tried the Shark? It just uses water/steam and the pads are washable. However, the unit itself is made from plastic.
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I vaccum first ,and then use my WetJet stick, with a microfiber towel on the bottom. I ran out of the cleaner a long time ago, so I fill up a spray bottle with vinegar and water for the cleaner.
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oh i just saw this video- you can open the swiffer bottle by dippind the cap into boiling water for ten seconds & unscrew with a towel, fill and screw top back on. i did the drill into the bottom thing too but then it leaks.
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in place of the dry swiffer cloths, i take a damp washcloth and put that on the swiffer and use it. i also have pergo floors.
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I have a Rubbermaid Reveal mop. It works like a swiffer mop except you fill the bottle with the cleaner of your choice. The microfiber floor cloth can be machine washed and tumble dried. There is also a dust mop cloth you can use for dry mopping. I absolutely love mine. With kids dogs and cats I mop every single day. I know that Libman also makes a similar mop.
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Anything that is disposable is by definition not green.  And while there are weird chemicals in the spray cleaner, the swiffer cloths are made from plastic, so who knows what kind of chemicals are getting into your house through that.


I just use a broom and a mop.  I guess I am old school.


For quick cleaning, I use a microfiber cloth on a swiffer type mop.  I used Method mop.

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I just use an old baby wash cloth stuck into the holes of my mom's old old mr clean mop. And a spary bottle of vinegar/water/dish soap and spray it/dump it on the floor.

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