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new to St. Clair County, MI

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I just moved here from Macomb county where I loved living, trying to meet some like minded mamas for playdates etc.
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HI! I haven't been in here in awhile! I'm also previously from Macomb county. We've been in St Clair county for 4 1/2 years now & I still haven't adjusted!

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Hi! I'm in St. Clair County. Whereabouts are you? We'd love to meet up for a playdate, though I'm not sure where since the weather is atrocious!

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We're in China. Not alot to offer here for playdates. I have 3 boys ( 8, 5 1/2 & 3 1/2) & a baby girl due in March.

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Boo!  I am so bummed!  I tried meeting other St. Clair County mamas when I lived there (graduated, moved away, came back for nearly 5 years, but my husband's job was transferred to Saginaw a year and a half ago.  Too bad!!  I hope you find some mama's.  There was a homeschool co/op out of Port Huron that offered some connections when I checked them out a few years ago.  Not too much in the way of La Leche either.  Sorry!!  I hope you adjust to St. Clair County... I lived in Capac, and though it was the sticks, I loved it!  I miss it.  Small town beats big city in my eyes.  I too started in Macomb County as a child.  Nice to meet you mamas!!

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