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Does this sound right to you?

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Please bare with me as i try to recap the conversation I had with a midwife today. I've seen this midwife for a annual about 6 months ago.
I spoke with her over the phone today.
Here is a bit of a background on what prompted me to seek help.
Homebirth 9/2008
EBF and tandem nursing.
Have been lactating for 5.6 years
Have been on progesterone only "mini pill" for 20 months...since birth of last baby.
Get vaginal yeast infection frequently...almost every few months.
Have only had 3 periods since birth of baby 20 months ago.
April period....light... maybe 3 days of AF
May period on time, light.. maybe 3 days of AF
June period came 8 days early, very heavy bleeding for 7 days needed to change pad every 2 hours entire 7 days.
No energy, flu like symptoms, light headedness
Extreme vaginal yeast infection day before AF started on June 1st still feeling yeasty 7 days later, have taken 2 diflucan and used cream, vinegar bath even started a Candida Diet to eliminate yeast from my body on June 1
Wheeew that is alot.
I call the midwife today, day 7 of bleeding and this is what she suggests:
I get a CBC to see if I'm anemic.
Stop the mini pill and get on a "regular" bc pill that has estrogen to stop the bleeding.
However the bleeding has let up ALOT today..looks like it's ending
She mentions that my body needs estrogen to help my uterus get back to normal.
So I may want to use the Nuvaring for a month or "regular bc pills" for a month to get my body back to normalcy.
Also to make sure I dont have another long period like I just had.
Or not take any BC pills and let my body heal on it's own.
We do want to try to get pregnant in Sept/Oct on this year.
*She mentioned that my uterus is not ready for a pregnancy because of all the bleeding i'm having. So My body needs to heal.
She also felt that my recurrent vaginal yeast infections stem from the lack of estrogen in my body. Thus the other benefit from "regualr bc pills"
My only concern about the bc pills is my milk supply.
I already feel like my supply is low due to the length of this last AF.

Anyone want to chime in a give me feedback or thoughts or similar exp.?

I'm a bit confused as to what the best plan is for my situation.
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are you willing to use the ultimate form of birth control for a month? (just plain abstinence) because sometimes our bodies really do need a break and I think she is definitely on to something about how odd that is.
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when I was a teen I had recurring infections that everyone thought was yeast. They just kept coming back. Finally I switched doctors and had a great OB tell me that I should fill a capsule with boric acid and insert it into my vagina after my period for a few cycles. 12 years later, and I have never had another infection. Ask your midwife if she has ever heard of this. It worked for me.
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I agree w/MaerynPearl; I think I would just quit the artificial stuff and see what my body wanted to do... I'm also an advocate of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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I just did a stint of abstinence for 7 whole weeks. I went back East to take care of my grandmother so I was gone from my husband for 7 weeks. I dont think abstinence would matter at this point.
I have stopped the mini pill as of last night and i'm going to let my body heal o it's own. No pills no rings, unless I have another heavy AF..then I will have to do something to help with all that bleeding, but i'm hoping that being off the mini pill for a month will help alot!
It's just the yeast.....I'm not even sure what a normal vagina feels like anymore!
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I've dealt with some major yeast problems -- months on end. The only thing that worked for me was a regimen of caprylic acid, garlic, and grapefruit seed extract all taken orally, and using diluted GSE and tea tree oil externally and also in the wash (laundry). This was several years ago and haven't had a problem since.
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Ok, having laid all out on the line...when would/could I ovulate? What days do we need to be careful?
Considering I'm not on the mini pill any longer!
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