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Yeast rash

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What do I need to do differently to wash them now? I've switched to combo of sposies and gdipes so that I don't stain my pockets with the nystatin cream, but would like to get him back in cloth sooner rather than later. Tips, tricks, BTDT stories?

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wash in the hottest water possible, and add something to the rinse to disinfect... I've heard vinegar, bleach, TTO, GSE to name a few, and do an extra rinse, and dry on the hottest setting. I did (and still do for extra precaution) 25 drops of the GSE. Then I washed again and did vinegar in the rinse, then washed again and did bleach in the rinse.. I was taking no chances! We stuck with sposies until it cleared, and are back in the cloth for several weeks now with no new flare-ups. We had a nystatin powder, so I could still use it with cloth anyways, and boy the powder was much more gentler to apply than rubbing/wiping cream onto their sensitive red bums
good luck!
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If you can dry in the sun. Yeast hates sunlight.
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This is the solution that I found on another thread here on the boards, but I don't remember where (sorry). I just cut and pasted this, so I'm not the original poster (I'll keep looking), but the important part is that it works! Within an hour of starting to use it, my son's little raw bottom started to look much better. We are still battling with it, but are largely winning because of this:

"This is what we did... it took me a while to finally get it right and to keep it gone.

First off, if yeast is presenting externally then there is an internal issue, I would get her on probiotics. When I got DD on probiotics it helped a lot! We may not of even had another yeast outbreak... if we did, it was only 1.

I put distilled water in a spray bottle and added about 15 drops of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) to it. I would spray her rashy area at every change and let air dry. GSE helps kill yeast. I also made her a wipe solution with vinegar, GSE, TTO (Tea tree oil) and lavender. The vinegar and TTO kills yeast. Sometimes I would add calendula as it sooths and heals skin. Also, naked booty time- lots of it... yeast loves warm and moist. In addition to all that, I would add some vinegar to her bath (at the end) to let her sit in it to help kill the yeast, for about 5 min or so. I also like Weilda Calendula Diaper care... don't know if it helped to get rid of the yeast but it helped keep her booty looking healthy.

Diaper care... I have only dealt with prefold and covers... never had yeast in wool. For my prefolds I would do my cold rinse. Then a HOT wash and a HOT rinse. I would use my regular detergent then add 45-50 drops of GSE, some vinegar and a lot of TTO. I would also add the vinegar to the rinse cycle. Then I would dry on super hot for a minimum of 2 cycles... high heat kills yeast. Make sure to not to forget any diapers so you don't recontaminate, wash all wet bags, wipes and pails. I continued this routine until the the yeast had been completely gone for a week."

ETA: I found the original thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...293&highlight=
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