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i saw my peanut!

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i had a bit of a scary weekend, and long story short i headed to the hospital because of severe pain around my left ovary. they thought it might be ectopic, so i had to be transferred to the city for an ultrasound. when i got there we determined that A) baby is in the right place and b) is measuring PERFECTLY for dates. i mean exactly, to the day! yay! the heartbeat is strong and steady. i am SO in love.

never did figure out what's causing the pain. apparently i have a tender spot on my uterus, but nothing unusual visible in that area.
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That's wonderful news!

I suffered an ectopic pregnancy when I was in my early 20's and it was one of the very worst times of my life.

I'm so, so glad to hear that your little peanut is just fine! And how great that you got to hear the heartbeat. Congratulations.
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Yay -- That's terrific news! I bet you must have been scared. So great to hear that all is well.
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woot!!! added the good news to your roster listing!
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This is such happy news!
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