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Midwest sperm bank

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Hi everyone!!!! I am a single 35 year old lady and I am getting ready to do IUI at home (I am a Midwife to be so the insemination part is not issues lol).

After lots of research I have decided to use Midwest. I was going to use CCB, but honestly I do not need all those bells and whistles and crap. it can become quite obsessive.

Has anyone used MSB recently? Any good donors going around...I have my eyes on 038 at top of my list.

Just looking for some positive stories

I am in Orlando Fl...thanks
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hello! my partner and i are using MWSB, as well. i agree with you about not needing all the bells and whistles!

we've used 038 (no luck) and a few others... we got pg with our first IUI cycle with donor 345 but it ended in m/c.

my advice is to call joanne, she is very helpful. tell her your situation and she will tell you which donors have the best success rates. she is sweet but can be hard to get ahold of. keep calling, leave a message, email her. i've heard others say that they've had better luck getting in touch with her once they've registered.

there is a group of us on babycenter.com and facebook:

good luck and you are more than welcome to join us in the queer conceptions board even if you are a SMBC.
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Are you talking about Midwest Sperm Bank out of Chicago? I was curious about them...has anyone used them...if so did you have any success?
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