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anyone losing weight without M/S?

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I'm starting this pregnancy on the heavy side and after 8 weeks, I've lost 5 pounds. I'm not trying to lose weight and I have no morning sickness - I'm just eating really, really well and not drinking any alcohol anymore. Even with my exercise level going way down, I've still dropped weight.

Is this ok? I feel like I'm finally probably eating what normal people eat every day, but it's less (and much healthier) than what I previously ate. Is it safe to assume that the baby is getting what it needs? I'm hoping to gain only 10-15 pounds during this pregnancy because of my starting weight.
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My hormones regulate in pregnancy and my last two pregnancies I lost until the very end with my son, and didn't gain all I lost back with my daughter. My kids were healthy and my care providers never worried.
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It can be perfectly healthy to lose as long as your starting weight is high enough. I know I'm in that bracket right now, but I always pack it on anyway.
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I did some looking around and found a few studies that said as long as you are getting adequate nutrition during pregnancy, if you are overweight it is actually better to lose some than to gain. Now this is saying that you do have to be taking in adequate food/calories, but depending on your weight and how you were eating before, if you suddenly start eating better and being more active its no surprise that you might lose some.

The key point is you can't starve yourself, you *have* to eat an adequate amount of calories and a variety of foods to be safe. You also don't wanna push yourself too hard to fast working out. If it just so happens that by doing those two things you lose weight then you are ok.

Here are some links :
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I think it's ok as long as your eating/activity habits are healthy ones. I haven't been vomiting this time, but I'm down a few pounds from when I started. I don't have much of an appetite, and when I do eat, I'm not eating junk like I was before.
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I've lost about four pounds and I don't have m/s. I think it's because I've been eating healthier. Right now fried foods turn me off. However, cookies do not so I'm sure I will gain it back.
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I definitely feel better about it now - thanks for your stories. I'm very happy with how I'm eating - if I ate this well all the time, I wouldn't have gained so much weight after quitting smoking! Maybe I'll be able to keep it up post pregnancy!!
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I've lost about 5lbs. Havent been sick, but cant eat as much as I normally can non-pregnant, so I think that's where my weight has gone.

I'm not overweight non-pregnant. And I know that those lbs will come back, and bring friends! lol
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I have lost about 5 lbs so far. I am 8 weeks and have had some morning sickness but not much. I actually weighed myself to see if I gained or lost. I have eaten a lot and done no more activity than usual. I am over weight though. I am not worried! This happened with DD too...then I gained the rest of the time.

They don't call me Big momma for nothin!
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I'm down 7 pounds at 10 weeks, despite going up three cup sizes and needing to order maternity underpants because my old ones are too tight. I've had pretty bad nausea and a lot of food aversions, so a lot of the time I just have to force food down. I've also completely lost interest in sweets, which were always my downfall - the only sweet things I've wanted since I've been pregnant are fresh and dried fruits. I'll occasionally have a bite of my partner's ice cream, and it just tastes painfully over-sweet and unpleasant. I also can't stand the taste of chocolate, which just makes me sad - Especially as I'm craving it all the time, but then I take a bite and have to promptly spit it out before I start gagging.

I plan on bringing up the weightloss when I see my midwife next week, but I don't think she'll be concerned. I was overweight in the first place, I have it to spare!
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I'm almost 7 weeks and have lost about 7 pounds in the past three weeks just from eating more healthy and starting to walk. I'm significantly overweight, so there has been a big change in my caloric intake just from eating more nutritious food. I'm working with a dietician to make sure my diet is appropriate.
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It looks like I'm in good company! I asked the doc yesterday at 9 weeks and she said that it wasn't a problem since I'm eating well and enough - the baby will take what it needs first. Thanks for the guidance loseweightcoach - I was hoping to gain between 10-15 and the doc ok'd me to gain up to 20. I think I can check this off of my "things to worry about" list and move onto the next one!
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