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I'm in OH too.... I expected the rate to be high, but not that high!!!

I get told all these "horrible" things that are going to happen since I didn't circ ds! I'm the only one among anyone I know here who didn't circ! It's so sad to me
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Yeah, California! I'm guessing Latinos and other immigrant populations help our rate, but I think there's just a lot more of thinking differently/openmindedness here, which helps people stop a tradition of circ! This will be great to cite if anyone questions upcoming DS's status!

But those other numbers are very sad
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Honestly thought CO was going to be much lower! For real not as bad as many of the states, but I was hoping and thinking we should be with the green states at least very close and maybe yellow. 66% Still way way to high for this state!
This is such a strange cultural thing and obviously a very state to state culture as well.
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Originally Posted by anony View Post
Therefore, more Americanized generations of these minority groups will come to see circ as alien, unfamiliar and won't jump on it. That said, pockets of people with these backgrounds will do it just to fit in more. But I think that's why in a state like NY (still between 1/2 and 3/4 but close to 1/2) the lowest rates are in the NYC area where there's a high proportion of Puerto Ricans and other nationalities that don't routinely practice it.
I don't know that Puerto Ricans don't often circumcise... it's a very 'mainstream' parenting culture there. Mostly hospital birthing, a huge number of c-sections, a lot of formula-feeding. And my husband & his 2 brothers, born in San Juan, were circumcised. My MIL says she was told at the hospital that they would get cancer if she didn't have them cut. And I think that immigrant populations who might not circumcise in their home country at least think about doing it here, as Night_Nurse said about Mexican parents in Texas, so I don't think we can safely believe that being Latino means no circ (trust me, I was hoping that when I met my husband! )
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