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Kegel exercisers

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...like ben wa balls? Does anyone use them? I've been noticing that my menstrual cup pretty much falls out, even inside out, so I think my pelvic floor needs a lift. I am so bad at remembering to do, and just doing kegels. Do these devices really help?
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I have the Lelo balls and they really do help. I do kegels throughout the day whenever I remember anyway-look up the proper form to make sure you are doing them right, and try lots of different kinds.

The Lelo ones I really like because you can customize the weight so you can "work up" to the hardest unlike some ben wa balls. If you are having a lot of trouble toning your pelvic floor, you may want to look into a feedback machine for kegeling to make sure you are doing them right. They are more effective if you nee a lot of help. Good luck!
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I just read this blog yesterday and it really made sense. I also followed the links to the encore interview and the experts blog too.

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I actually take great issue with that article. The lady who is selling the idea is trying to sell a DVD. No offense or anything, but if you promise to explain something after someone buys something...I call bs. I like research and science. All the science I have seen fully supports kegels. Even the other people that anti-kegel people say are against it aren't. They were trying to say Odent, Simkin, etc. were against kegels because they did a blurb on a book being good (that supported kegels and other methods as well for pelvic support). But I researched it and that's a load of horse manure. If they can give the real science and research behind not kegeling, I'll look into it.

Even most pro-squatting people are pro-kegel for sexual satisfaction and orgasm while saying squatting and good posture help (so long as you're doing your kegels right-several studies support biofeedback or kegeling for rectal prolapse and sexual function). The biggest issue seems to be women not knowing how to properly do kegels, which is why biofeedback machines are a big help. I'm pretty decent at kegels, I just forget to do them, lol. I have noticed improved tone down there since doing them more often in the last few months, but might have a slight prolapse, so want something to make sure I stick with it so it doesn't worsen. That's why I use the beads. But I am thinking of getting the kegelmaster or kegelcisor.

I'm not anti-squatting, but just saying that telling people kegels don't work is factually incorrect.
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