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medicaid q

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My husband is required to carry health insurance as a student. Does anyone know if family medicaid covers the entire family including the dad?

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I don't think in NM it does - but maybe with a really low income. Can he get it through his college? Other than that, I'd keep an eye on when the SCI lists open up again, as you can make quite a bit and still qualify (low premiums/copays).


I think only adult medicaid coverage is for pregnant women, or disabled men and women - but I could be wrong.
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It does in illinois, our family just got on it last month.
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In Indiana, my husband is listed on our food stamps and the girls Medicaid as an 'ineligible college student'
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This depends on your state. If you income is low enough, then he may qualify. Usually, they will cover the children, but not always the adults.
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